Spring favorites

The compositions of the first spring flowers: delicate pastel colors, transparency, lightness

Passing the gallery

A photo: Igor Mikhalkovich

Text: Dilara Muradova

Magazine: N4 (60) 2002

Refined minimalism, aristocratic classics and luxurious baroque temporarily concluded a truce, giving way to simplicity and naturalness After the lush floristic trends of autumn-winter 2001/2002 - rich "Byzantine", playing on the contrast of red and green, and salon "Europeanism", which emphasized the delicacy of shades of pink and purple, gentle pastel colors, transparency and lightness returned to floristics. characteristic of the most romantic time of the year. By the way, not only the art of arranging flowers, but also other areas of fashion and design fell into the zone of action of the "spring" impulse. The compositions of Anna Matviyets and Tatyana Vlasova are sustained within the framework of this very direction. Naturalness implies the absence of both color excesses and fanciful design ideas. At the same time, the seeming simplicity is in fact the result of a skillful imitation of living nature, clearly thought out proportions and a virtuoso selection of details. Spring "sketches" - a flowering meadow, a forest that has not yet put on its green outfit, the April floods - are "written" with the help of a certain combination of colors, materials and shapes. The first spring flowers, grass and artfully woven branches - all designed to create a feeling that the action takes place in the spring forest. The illusion is enhanced by the color gamut, which is dominated by delicate shades of green, traditionally associated with the awakening of nature. The forms involved in the compositions are simple and graphical. Materials: glass, canvas and wood - look here especially in place due to muffled tones and simplicity of visual associations. And the sunlight instead of the background emphasizes the romance and freshness inherent in the spring ...