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Ulrik Zindberg, the leading manager of the Danish company JAMO, talks about the latest acoustics

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Interview prepared: Dmitry Dmitrokopulo

Magazine: Technolania N7 (107) 2006

At the Hdi Show 2006, Salon-Interior magazine interviewed Ulrik Sindberg, lead manager of the Danish company JAMO. He spoke about the brand new products, in particular, about the flagship of the model range - the floor acoustic system R909

SALON: Probably your main premiere at the exhibition is the unpackaged speaker system R909. Tell us how she came into being.

 - This is an unusual project. For our main developer, Henrik Mortinson, at first it was a bit of a hobby. But when he realized that the idea was embodied in something promising, he presented it to the management, and the “green” project was soon opened to a green street.

S: It is also unknown that the idea of ​​acoustics without a casing or its implementation is more radical ...

 - Such things are not done quickly. Even the smallest details of the R909 design were manufactured at the highest level - as a result, it took nine years to fine-tune the model. Now I counted it and was surprised myself ... I guess everything turned out thanks to the enthusiasm of Henrik. According to his specifications, everything was done: special non-resonant coasters, separating filters, accessories. A separate article - basoviki. Both heads are custom made by Mutinson. Solving the bass problem here was extremely difficult, but the result is in front of you. A working prototype of the R909 - a board with speakers - is now stored in our office.

S: The canonical "biography" ... But the model has a very unusual look. Still, people are accustomed to the traditional rectangular columns, the new look does not scare them?

 - About the unusual design put it mildly. However, Mutinson is such a "man of science"; He was interested, first of all, in sound quality. It was only later that our designers worked: you see, a beautiful decorative grill, clamps, varnish ... In general, we had doubts about how people perceive R909. But everything went well. The technical idea gave birth to a new form. These are pure straight lines, Scandinavian design ...

S: Danish windmills, canals, dams ...

 - You smile, but in the meantime, speakers without a body, in theory, should not bass at all. But they basyat, and how!

S: Usually successful model grows into a series of their own kind. Further development will be?

 “Now we are thinking of making small copies of the R909.” However, such a construction with basovikov less than 12 inches in diameter to make, alas, does not work - the limitations associated with the acoustic short circuit of the waves will inevitably come into play ...

S: So, you can't build a home theater from such speakers? Center, rear ...

 - Why? Although the R909 was originally conceived as a neoclassic that exploits the idea of ​​the eternal value of stereo, in a home theater you can put such speakers on the front, and put effects on built-in acoustics on the effect channels.

S: Does the traditional hi-fi technology have any future? Do not push her "smart home" and "building"?

 - Judging by America - and this is a true indicator of prospects - then a huge amount of equipment is sold there for the smart home, but the usual speakers and amplifiers have not disappeared anywhere, but rather vice versa. Indeed, in the house there is always the main thing and there is an auxiliary one. For example, built-in speakers are appropriate in the kitchen, in the bedroom or on the lawn, but the center of the living room should be a good system with some beautiful speakers.

S: Are you affected by the so-called apple fever - fashion for iPods?

 - For this player, we have developed active speakers JAMO i300.