Sky over the dnieper

Sky cafe in Dnepropetrovsk Stanislav Lewandowski

Passing the gallery

A photo: Alexey Reydalov

Leading headings: Nina Farizova

Architect: Stanislav Lewandowski, Anton Nizevich, Alena Latus

Magazine: Free (Cat) 2004

The white-and-white interior of the newly opened Sky Café (Dnepropetrovsk, 82 Pobeda Embankment) remains so only until spotlights and all kinds of lights are turned on. “We wanted to create a closed space, as it were, in the open air,” Stanislav Lewandowski says, “so there are so many monitors and plasma panels in the room. Thanks to the white color and all this technology, a reflective effect occurs. that transmit moving images to the ceiling: it could be raindrops, floating clouds, or snowflakes. " A glowing path runs along the bar counter, and on the glass panels along the entire hall, fancy “heavenly” pictures are displayed that are broadcast by multimedia equipment.