Schlumberger office in moscow

Schlumberger office in Moscow

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Interview prepared: Nina Farizova

A photo: Roman Fomin

Architect: Natalia Masharskaya, Vladimir Pasynkov

Project Manager: Sergey Estrin

Magazine: N6 (161) 2011

The new Schlumberger research and development center completely occupies a three-story building in Moscow

“Designing a convenient research center is not easy,” says the author of the project. Sergey Estrin. - On the one hand, the work of people is very creative, on the other - it requires total concentration. Therefore, we have allocated a lot of space for communication, negotiation and recreation. Cabinets framed zigzag glass partition - thus ensured the "privacy" of researchers. Due to the continuous glazing of the central part of the building on the first floor, the life of the scientific center passes literally against the background of the city. We tried to open this space as much as possible, to preserve the feeling of freedom and lightness. ”