Return to the middle ages

restaurant "Ivanhoe" in St. Petersburg Ilya Oparin, Dmitry Fedosov

Passing the gallery

Text: Nadezhda Serebryakova

A photo: Alexey Zelenskoy

Architect: Ilya Oparin, Dmitry Fedosov

Magazine: Na (36) 2000

The owners of the premises in which there was once a cooking, conceived the reconstruction with a specific purpose: to create a new restaurant called "Ivanhoe" (St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Prospekt, 32 A). So the idea of ​​a medieval castle was originally stated and belonged to customers. The architects made a partial redevelopment, which resulted in the formation of three dining rooms. They all reflect the majestic and stern spirit of the era of King Arthur's rule. The mysterious "medieval castle" lets us into its depths, as if warning that it will not be complacent with those who violate its laws and customs. The interior contains specially designed furniture made of natural wood. The walls and the ceiling are also decorated with natural wood and stone - no cheating. The only convention is wooden beams, pillars and half-timbered beams (oblique lintels), artificially aged and imitating supporting structures. In the center of the hall - a chandelier, reminiscent of the crown of English kings. The work of the florist, who very precisely noticed the style and mood of the restaurant, crowns this extraordinary chandelier.