Red on the past

Restaurant of the PIZZA JAZZ chain in Vilnius

Passing the gallery

A photo: Nina Farizova

Leading headings: Nina Farizova

Idea: Arminas Savickas

Project author: Gintautas Kažemekas

Architect: Virginia Bashkene

Magazine: N4 (115) 2007

The building, which opened a new restaurant chain PIZZA JAZZ, was built in Vilnius in the XVI century. After an architectural investigation, the authors of the project found old murals and discovered a unique historical brickwork. “All we have to do is clear the space and remove what has already been done in the 21st century,” says Gintautas Kažemekas. The walls were painted in carrot color, which is closest in shade to the old laying. Furniture made to order, sheathed in red velor. Red ceiling lights, resembling an inverted cake, very well fit into the style of the restaurant. The most modern element of the interior can be called a bar counter, but behind the large glass panel the author of the project placed a photo of an old brass lamp.

Address: Vilnius, st. Vokieču, 24