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MATTEOGRASSI and FIAM ITALIA at the stand "Scale: One to One"

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A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Evgeny Razdobarin

Leading headings: Marina Volkova

Magazine: N6 (128) 2008

Many visitors "INTERIOR SHOW" noted the exposition presented at the booth of the salon "Scale: One to One"where the best items of Italian factories were collected MATTEOGRASSI and FIAM ITALIA

Moscow Salon "Scale: One to One" открылся в 2000 году. Объясненandе названandю можно было найтand в andнтерьерах салона, где красовалandсь самые разные лестнandцы, не уменьшенные копandand, а моделand в натуральную велandчandну, то есть… Правandльно, в масштабе одandн к одному. Помandмо лестнandц здесь еще былand дверand and перегородкand, светandльнandкand, а также мебель для кухонь, мебель для ванных, не говоря уже о дandванах, креслах, кроватях and так далееand так далее, - все больше знаменandтые andтальянскandе бренды: Seat, SCHIFFINI, LUCEPLAN, TRE-P&TRE-PIÙ other. Salon "Scale: One to One" submitted to "ИНТЕРЬЕР ШОУ" две маркand andз своей "коллекцandand".

One of them - MATTEOGRASSIandсторandя которой началась еще в XIX веке (в 1880 году), когда ломбардец Маттео Грассand открыл мастерскую по проandзводству предметов andз кожand. Вначале это былand… седла and конская сбруя. Прошло почтand сто летand в 70-е годы XX века MATTEOGRASSI launched furniture production. The main theme of the furniture line was also leather. The first hit of the brand was the Korium chair designed by Tito Agnoli. He was distinguished by filigree handmade, craftsmanship. The factory adheres to these principles for more than one year. Her know-how is furniture with a perforated pattern, made from a special kind of leather (no more than 2.2 - 2.4 mm thick).

Another, no less ancient, material - glass - served as inspiration for the creator of the brand. FIAM ITALIAVittorio Livi (Vittorio Livi). Before opening his production, he studied the history of glass processing for many years. Now FIAM ITALIA owns a unique firing technology, which has no analogues. The factory values ​​it very much - to the extent that when hiring a master, they sign a special paper on non-disclosure of production secrets. Who are the celebrities just did not cooperate FIAM ITALIA: and Philip Starkand Rodolfo Dordonand Christoph Peeyand Vico Magistretti created items for this brand. Not surprisingly, the works of the factory are so popular with museums. The famous Ghost chair (this year, by the way, marks the 20th anniversary of its creation) is represented in American, French, Italian expositions.

Mercedes-Benz Interior Design Team Leader Nicolas Ehrenberg: "A very impressive stand, like the exhibition itself "INTERIOR SHOW". Here you can see the truly designer stuff. I believe design should go hand in hand with function. Aesthetics alone is not enough. We follow these principles in the automotive industry. I think for furniture makers they are also relevant. At the salon booth "Scale: One to One" there were just such things - harmonious, function plus artistic component. "

Director of Development Cherry wood Konstantin Andrikopoulos: "I love stylish, fashionable things, as modern and global as possible. So I liked the salon stand "Scale: One to One" - here were presented exactly such things. I was particularly interested in a luxurious floor lamp, from which cascading crystals seemed to fall. It seems to me that this subject is already on the verge between the subject design and the fashion sphere. "