Portrait of a dog in the interior

Dogs - a trendy decor motif

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Leading headings: Karina Chumakova

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Funny pugs and proud setters, glamorous poodles and cute dachshunds began to appear even in those houses where no one thought to get dogs, thanks to the designers who have recently become involved in dog training

Fortunately, the current design opuses are not limited to sad porcelain dogs - the eternal companions of seven variegated elephants in the cupboards of our grandmothers. The images of naive art are certainly still popular, and some of the dogs look very naturalistic at everyone from pads, cups and rugs. But for supporters of minimalism in the decor there is a dog to their liking. Tables and poodles stylized as dog paws on white biscuit porcelain look fashionable and with humor, and humor in modern design is quoted very highly.

Note that the popularity of the canine theme in the design coincided with a surge of interest in the classic canine portrait of the XVIII-XIX centuries - at auctions in recent years, the price of such lots is breaking all records. It is difficult to say whether it is a coincidence or not, because the love of artists of the past to scenes from a canine life was due primarily to the eternal love of the European aristocracy for a dog hunt. In the modern context, when the hunt remained on the periphery of high life, the fascination with “dog” decor is rather explained by the desire to revive the interior with images of cute and touching characters, whose muzzles will make it more human.