Playing a new decadence

restaurant "Decadence" in Kiev Muniya Benyachem, Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky

Passing the gallery

A photo: Alexey Reydalov

Leading headings: Nina Farizova

Idea: Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky

Designer: Munia Benyachem

Magazine: N (87) 2004

Exquisite luxury - this definition is suitable for the new restaurant "Decadence" in Kiev (16 Shota Rustaveli St.). “I always wanted to have an old mansion filled with modern things,” says Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky. “And while making a new restaurant, I decided to fulfill my dream.” Crystal chandeliers, exclusive paintings and vases, crocodile-covered chairs, natural furs and ... the most expensive champagne - this whole set of the decadence era is finely combined with plasma panels in old frames and a DJ console in the form of a golden cage. And for those who really want to plunge into the atmosphere of a bygone era, there are separate rooms where you can, smoking in a chair, smoking a hookah and recite a poem by Igor Severyanin.