Paris and hollywood

apartment (132 m2) in Moscow Gulya Akhmetshina, Sergey Barabadze

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Interview prepared: Olga Korotkova

Stylist: Evgenia Shuer

Project author: Gulya Akhmetshina, Sergey Barabadze

The painting: Julia Pohaletskaya, Mikhail Nemtsov

Magazine: N1 (101) 2006

Creating coziness and warmth is better based on the classic surroundings, the authors of the project say. But modern elements should definitely be introduced into the classical environment. After all, the owner lives in the XXI century. In fact, classics and modernity do not argue with each other.

Classics is the first international style ever created, says Sergey Barabadze. - Still, this style is time tested - I mean the classics in the broadest sense, without reference to any era. And although the person has always been attracted and will be attracted by unexpected modernist forms, extravagant colors, in the living space it is dangerous. Extreme decisions attract at the first stage, and then at best you get used to them, and at worst - they start to annoy.

Therefore, we have chosen the classic core. Since the classic concept is loose, no one bothers to introduce some modern elements. It would be strange to copy already gone times: then the interior will be museum, palace, but not alive and not residential.

With the external classic appearance of the apartment, if you look closely, you will find many purely modern solutions.

For example. The functional approach to the layout, which was invented by the great Wright, remarkably “works” in the classical entourage: combining the spaces of the living room, kitchen and dining room is really very convenient. Apartment for one person, the owner often invites guests. Of course, in this case it is best to combine the premises into one.

The floor is a “monotonous”, muted stone. Without a pattern, complex patterns, travertine that feels warm. (Many do not like stone floors, it is believed that in our climate they bring cold. In this case, it seems to me, we avoided this effect due to light warm beige tones.)

Zoning is given by color - somewhere lighter, somewhere darker. Nothing else. This floor also reduces the classic "pathos." And at the same time gives space, a single plane of the floor unites the premises.

Another example is furniture. In the living room we put a very modern sofa. On the one hand, it softens the feeling of the classics, does not allow to make it too "concentrated", alien to modern man. This is about style. And on the other hand, it solves the functional task again: when there are many guests, such a sofa can be used with great freedom - and you can sit down on the armrest and sit comfortably in the deep seat ... more.

In the hallway there are custom-made open shelves-consoles: you can put a mobile phone, magazines, a lot of little things that accompany us forever and who need to be put somewhere forever.

An interesting story was with a shade for the dining room. The lampshade is a positive dominant in the interior, in this case it fixes the meeting place at a conversation, at a common table. To soften the feeling of a strict line of classic furniture, I wanted to find something modern and at the same time not avant-garde. A suitable option found by chance in Holland. The lampshade is suspended on a translucent cord, as if floating in the air. Dressing under the skin of a reptile sets the modern tone. So there is a balance between retro and XXI century. (Later, a Spanish chandelier was found for this lampshade for the living room, in the same material - leather ceiling lamps embossed.)

Modern (and in a good sense, bohemian) sound accessories give. Old advertising posters, photos of Marilyn Monroe ... We decided to frame the posters with baguettes. If a thing, once banal, placed in a classic frame, an interesting effect arises. The perception of such a thing changes: it already looks like a work of art. "

“This is a man’s apartment,” says Gulya Akhmetshina. “The mood is classical, but with male notes. Open cabinets in the living room are the Consulate’s style when Napoleon introduced fashion to military lines and functionality in furniture. In fact, this is 18th century minimalism ! Eastern bedroom, "ardekoshny" drawing of the carpet in the hall, advertising vermouth, a film star's photo session - a symbol of the XX century - all this is male decor. With a touch of aesthetics, bohemian chic. "

Sergey Barabadze:"This is a modern apartment in a modern city, for a modern person. He wants to live in a classic entourage, but not in a museum, not in the scenery for La Traviata. The interior resembles the Kennedy era, Hollywood heyday ..."Gulya Akhmetshina:"This apartment is for men. In purpose and in style. We’ve got used to the fact that the male interior is either an English style, or minimalism, or radical constructivism. For our customer, softer classical chic is closer. For example, in Paris in the 30s that in Paris he likes to stay at the Ritz Hotel. "