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Leading headings: Marina Volkova

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Magazine: (151) 2010

The owners of the building, where the Kempinski Hybernská Prague Hotel is now located, seemed to have crossed all the famous aristocratic families of Prague. Counts smashed around the gardens, ordered frescoes and decorated the interiors with paintings from their collections

The Kempinski Hotel Hybernská Prague is located in a building with amazing history. The first written mention of this place dates back to the 15th century (1493): the documents refer to two neighboring houses of wealthy burghers. The street itself, on which the hotel stands, dates back a century earlier. The citizens are justly proud of it: Hybernská is the first cobbled street in Prague (and the paving stones in the cities of the early Middle Ages were rare). In the 17th century, Count Alesh Ferdinand Vratislav Mitrovica bought the houses of burghers, united, expanded and turned into a palace. A dozen years later, the palace passed into the possession of another courtier, Felix Vrshovec Sekerki Sedczyce, patron of the arts and a collector of baroque painting. Since that time, on the facade of the building from the side of the garden is the coat of arms of the Vrshovec family. The next owner of the palace was also an aristocratic patron of the arts - Frantisek Vezhnik Vezhniki (his collection became part of the collection of the Prague National Gallery). Under him, the palace became nominal - it was called U Vezniku. Not much has survived from the baroque interiors - frescoes on the arches of the room where the barotel is now located, and a fountain.

The history of the Kempinski Hybernská Prague hotel began two years ago. The palace was reconstructed, but the historic decor was tried to preserve as much as possible. Thus, the facade has not changed much, but the interiors have been significantly reworked. The hotel has 75 rooms and suites. The hotel has two restaurants, two bars and a fitness center. The best rooms are Bohemia Suite and Presidential Suite, they are located on the upper floors of the building. In addition to the standard set of rooms there is a kitchen, dressing room and fireplace area.

Taste Czech cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant, Le Grill Restaurant. There is also a seasonal menu. In the summer, for example, it means asparagus with strawberries. Two Steps Bar offers fusion cocktails, and in the Lobby Lounge, tea parties with local pastries are served. The most delicious creations of confectioners can be taken along (there is a boutique of sweets at the hotel).

Hotel Kempinski Hybernská Prague

Flight: Moscow-Prague-Moscow - from 10,300 rubles.Weather: the average temperature in June-July is +17 ... + 18 ° С.Accommodation: from € 190.Entertainment: restaurant Le Grill Restaurant, city walks, golf, SPA procedures.