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Designers Leonardo Dai Nellie and Marcie Fortuncia about fashion, chic, black

Passing the gallery

A photo: Olga Korotkova, - from the archives of Cattelan Italy Noir

Interview prepared: Olga Korotkova

Magazine: N10 (132) 2008

At the last Milan exhibition iSaloni in April 2008, the world-famous factory Cattelan Italy introduced a new direction - a collection of Noir. We are sitting on a stand with the creators of the collection, designers Leonardo Dai Nellie and Marcia Fortucia, and talk about fashion, chic, and black

SALON: How would you characterize Noir?

Marcia Fortuna: About two years ago, my husband and I wanted to come up with CATTELAN ITALIA a new style. We decided that this should be a glamorous collection that can create a fundamentally new, fresh atmosphere in the house. It can be suitable for both young couples and not very young, respectable people. For Italy and for the whole world. Most of the houses in Europe, or have long been formed, for several generations, or created by young people from the ultra-modern design things. We offer a completely different approach. Noir combines elegance and luxury inherent in classic styles, and a modern approach (in terms of fashionable materials, finishes, decorative). We tried to use as much as possible handmade work in the collection - this gives things even more gloss, even more exclusivity.

S: And how, by the way, do you understand luxury?

MF: A thing belongs to the sphere of luxury, when all five senses are involved in its perception ... Not only beauty that we see with our eyes, but also tactile sensations and other senses. If an object has beautiful smooth forms, a soft-touch upholstery texture, then, touching such a thing, a person experiences incredible comfort. Very pleasant sensations. And such things affect a person no longer just as furniture, but as something more, such as sculpture.

S: What do you think is the concept of luxury in the interior? So should all the premises or some look different?

MF: It is necessary that there is a balance. Never need to exaggerate. For example, do not need too much furniture. The concept of luxury can express an empty room! If you put in it all one or more truly luxurious items.

S: It is no secret that often people practice the philosophy of luxury not so much to satisfy their own feelings, but rather to show off their high social and financial status. Did you take this into account when you thought through your collection?

MF: I do not see this problem. Such a design - yes, it is not for everyone. He is for a certain stratum of society. It often happens that people order such an interior in order to, among other things, demonstrate their belonging to status, it is so. In this case, one does not exclude the other.

S: How do you define a collection style?

Leonardo Dai Nelly: This is a new classic. Not baroque, not eclectic, but a new classic. Most precisely sounds.