Naive provence

Lace for the dining room, orange trees for the kitchen, a pillow with a dried leaf for the bedroom. Choose, fantasize!

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov

Materials prepared: Julia Sakharova

Stylist: Yevhen Shuer

Magazine: Decor N9 (98) 2005

In the dining room - lace, in the kitchen - orange trees, in the bedroom - a pillow with a dried leaf Fresco [1] (? 1200 per square meter), Babyloncompany Skol. Table lamp [2] (33,720 rubles), salon "New Classic". Napkin [3] ($ 2,190 for a set of tablecloths and 12 napkins), Art Nouveau collection, Smooth, Nadine design center. Pillow [4], decorator Barbara Zelenetskaya, ??50. Salt shaker and pepper [5] (2521 rubles), vessel for oil (2521 rubles), Provence Blanc collection, Haviland, "House of China". Bottle rack [4] (8400 rub.), Fratelli Cappanni, House of Italian Furniture "Garnet". Suitcase [7] (1660 rubles), Elite, House of Italian Furniture "Garnet". Counterpane [8] (13000 rub.), Collection "Spring Meadow", Anne of Solenesalon "Linvuzh". Candlestick [9] (2880 rubles), Maggi Massimo, House of Italian Furniture "Garnet".