Mysterious island

Private Park Rolf Walter Schwartz (Germany)

Passing the gallery

Text: Zarina Dzgoeva

Materials: - (c) Gary Rogers

Magazine: (81) 2004

It is necessary to go here quite early in the spring, when the translucent snow cover is still lying on boxwood bushes, trimmed in the form of strange figures, and light lace wraps around the magnificent beech arcades. It was at this time that the garden of Rolf Walter Schwarz most closely resembles an enchanted islet that accidentally fell into the practical land of the tales of the Brothers Grimm. In contrast to the noisy, multilingual Hamburg, attracting tourists with its famous nightlife and the crafted atmosphere of the port city, the rural part of Northern Germany looks like a gift set of postcards with illustrations to the Grimm brothers' fairy tales. So it is that a neat little house of dwarfs who sheltered Snow White is hiding behind the tall linden trees, and Hansel and Gretel are about to run out of the neat, German-like practical garden. Among the small nice cottages with trimmed lawns and well-groomed green hedges, the garden of Rolf Walter Schwartz seems like an alien fantastic corner. For some reason, you are looking forward to seeing him either with the curious Carroll Alice, or with the fragile beauty from the painting by Raphael. The latter is not surprising, because the creator of the garden, the German restaurateur Rolf Walter Schwartz once dreamed of moving to Italy. Life was different, and he decided to move a piece of Italy to his homeland. But as for the corners in the style of Wonderland, they, as befits a real fairy tale, appeared completely unplanned. However, at first there were no plans for gardens about Rolf and his wife Ursula, and there could not be. They seemed like typical city dwellers who did not want to give up the relative comfort of city life and its energetic rhythm. The house and the plot were inherited by Ursula, and if it were not for the two young sons, who liked the village freedom and obviously benefited, the Schwartz family would have remained living in Hamburg. Then the site was only a garden and lawn. Today it is a charming garden in which there was a place for everything: Italian parterre and decorated along the edges of ancient urns channels, huge living arches, most reminiscent of the arcades of Gothic cathedrals, lovely corners of wildlife and delightfully unsystematic gardens. A special pride of Rolf - seven-meter arcade of beeches. 18 years ago he planted about forty seedlings and for several years did not subject them to pruning. When the beeches became tall enough, he connected their tops with each other, thus creating live arches. Now through the beech arcade there is an amazing view of the meadows with flowerbeds lying below, on which young boxwood trees grow - material for the realization of the new fantasies of Mr. Schwartz. Rolf still doesn’t know exactly what it will be, but he has enough plans for the future. Soon he is going to retire from his restaurant business and devote himself entirely to the garden.