More expensive than gold

exclusive boutique VERTU in Moscow

Passing the gallery

A photo: Konstantin Dubovec

Leading headings: Nina Farizova

Magazine: N6 (106) 2006

Recently, an exclusive boutique opened in Moscow virtue. As you know, this is the only company in the world that produces hand-made mobile phones. The design project of the Moscow boutique was made by the English, and in England he was awarded the prestigious Best Retail Space award (Best Retail Work) at the Design Awards ceremony of the English magazine Marketing Magazine. The boutique itself is quite small and black and white. Lacquered ceiling panels, glass partitions, glass top racks - that’s all. Simplicity is violated by the main participants of the interior - diamond, platinum and gold mobile phones, of which there are not many, but each of them is worth its weight in gold.

Address: Moscow, st. Kuznetsky Most, 19, p. 1 (Kuznetsky Passage)