In the reflection of mirrors

Mirror. A magical object or a window to the fairy world?

Passing the gallery

Text: Maria

A photo: Mikhail Stepanov

Magazine: (48) 2001

Mirror. A magical object or a window to the fairy world? How many will and legends associated with it ... And what if for a moment to believe in the "looking glass"? Suddenly on the other side of the opaque glass does a different reality really exist? The mirror on the dresser saw her mistress both cheerful and sad - she is always sincere before him. If mirrors could tell, how many secrets they could tell us. Or maybe just a closer look, and everything will become clear without words ...Her name is Flor In the "looking-glass" - strict silhouettes, the lines are clear, clean and plastic as her face. She loves flowers, elegant things, delicate aromas. Did she inspire Botticelli to "The Birth of Venus" five centuries ago? Her image is eternal, she is the embodiment of femininity.Caramel young lady She is bright and eccentric. Her world is a theater, life is a colorful fairy tale. The things that surround it look like pictures from candy wrappers - shiny, variegated, colorful. All her roles she plays for the first time for the most captious viewer - the mirror. Who else but it will tell us what kind of actress she is.