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Hotel Kensington (Cape Town, South Africa): its main features are peace and solitude

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Text: Anastasia Karpova

Magazine: N4 (82) 2004

Cape Town is extremely popular with tourists. A multilingual crowd fills the modern and ancient streets of the city, founded in the 16th century by Dutch navigators. Of course, there are more than enough hotels here, including very famous ones. About Kensington Place rarely write guides. It does not advertise tour operators. About him, few people know that, in general, it is not surprising. This is a place for the elect. However, the British magazine Tatler has included the hotel in the list of hundreds of the best hotels in the world. Kensington Place rarely has available rooms, as there are only eight of them. They are named after the wives and daughters of the famous English King Henry VIII, who ruled at the beginning of the XVI century. Each of the rooms has its own character. Rooms "Mary" and "Elizabeth" look modern and fashionable. "Cleves" and "Seymour" are more traditional. In the style of decoration of the apartments "Parr" you can feel something African. "Aragon" - the most light and airy part of the hotel. The rooms were decorated by the best South African artists. Kensington Place is built at the foot of Table Mountain, away from the tourist bustle. The nearest restaurant is about a kilometer away. To the beach - about five. The hotel is surrounded by its own gardens, each room has its own small, hidden from prying eyes terrace with a magnificent view of Cape Town and the ocean. The lifestyle in this cozy home is peculiar. His main features are peace and solitude. Therefore, in Kensington Place can not live with children under 16 years: the noise here do not like. The rooms are ideal soundproofing, so that the existence of other guests can be found only by accidentally colliding with them at the entrance to the hotel. This does not mean that the hotel is empty. Getting here is very difficult, so you should book in advance.Hotel Kensington Place, Cape Town, South AfricaFlight via Zurich. The ticket will have to pay about $ 1,100 *.Weather. The beginning of May in Cape Town is the border of the high and low seasons.Cost of for a number from 1000 to 2000 US dollars.Entertainment. Travelers are waiting for the Cape of Good Hope and Tyuleny Island, safaris, great surfing, horse trekking, trips to wine farms and walks around Cape Town.* Cost of авиабилетов ("Аэрофлот", тариф "экономкласс") указана на период майских каникул Return to article "5 trips to the May holidays "