X + living lab

Architect and designer Li Xiang, studio X + Living, developed the Ideas Lab for Powerlong. The group develops a real estate business and tourism, builds art centers and art museums. She actively uses information technology and relies on digital retail. Two-storey office area of ​​1100 square meters. meters is a “laboratory of ideas” in which developers and their clients can interact. Loft in the spirit of retro-futurism, as the company hopes, should strengthen ties between company employees and stimulate sales.

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Li Xiang was inspired by steam engines, fuel tanks and steel pipes. According to the Chinese architect, they have become important symbols of innovation, forces that impel capitalism.

Lee found a plant in Akron, Ohio, and transferred its elements as a prototype for the project, removing complex parts and retaining the most basic ones.

Equipped with aisles, pipes and metal tanks, the space gives the impression of a huge installation on the theme of promarchitecture. Softened "prom" shades of pink.