In the course of the play

beauty salon "Golden Mandarin" in Moscow

Passing the gallery

Leading headings: Nina Farizova

A photo: Vladimir Kudryavtsev

Decorator: Irina Savitskaya

Designer: Andrey Sklyarov

Magazine: (130)

SPA and beauty salon "Golden Mandarin" the customer wanted to do in the Oriental style, but the designer Andrey Sklyarov suggested a completely different solution ...

"Beauty salon" Golden Mandarin "is located in a residential building, - says the author of the project Andrey Sklyarov- therefore, there were no special alterations in the design. And everything had to be thought out along the way of the “play”. Bearing and interior partitions were already standing. The only thing we added was the director's office, it is located above the flight of stairs and made in the form of a mezzanine. The ceilings of this room are about four meters, and I tried to lower them to a minimum - only for installing air communications. If we talk about style, then this is undeniable fusion. this style. It allows you to place anything in space and at the same time create harmonious connections between different objects and elements. All materials in the "Golden Mandarin" are matched in contrast - glossy and matte, textured and smooth ... And I generously added this whole cocktail with prints, stained glass windows and accessories. Mirrors, a bar, a mirror case, a reception - everything is made according to my sketches. The color of the room turned out all different, but there are always warm tones everywhere. "