Hundred-foot design

квартира общей площадью 200 м2 Мэдиев

Passing the gallery

A photo: Dmitry Livshits

Text: Katya Ivanova

Project author: Мэдиев

Designer: Milena Pirova

Design: Anna Goncharova

Workshop Leader: Andrey Tolstoy

Magazine: H (65) 2002

The analogies are all the more relevant because the footage of this apartment is identical to the area, which is usually occupied by private and guest apartments on hundred-foot ships. One hundred feet or more is the size that allows you to design premises that are traditionally important for a prestigious yacht on a personal ship: a spacious saloon, large bedrooms and a decent galley (in the sense that there is plenty of room for the chef and his assistants). The sofa group in the living room exactly reproduces the chamber situation of the mess-room and creates a special atmosphere of unhurriedness, when the evenings seem endless, like life, and life becomes like a sea voyage. The idea is confirmed by the classic approach to the choice of colors for yachts: baked milk (just yesterday it seemed that in design society this color can be called only in Italian - avorio, otherwise you will certainly be counted as unenlightened people) in conjunction with gold create such a stunning effect internal glow! .. That is why, probably, carefree thirties already past, alas, centuries have given their combination to this combination. The last magnates, who will be forever attached to the last aristocrats, wanted to perpetuate the last leisurely decades of the twentieth century. Art Deco was the last and most exciting glare of the sun before sunset, the latest "historical" style of furnishing. And the appeal to him of a modern decorator already presupposes the presence of a certain keen sense of history in him, even if he is concealed from awareness. In Japan, it is said that the choice of a thing is a silent testimony of the spirit about the kinship of souls: like attracts like, as we would say. It can not but surprise that the unexpected connection between Russian customers and those who have long been in the alliance - the founders of style, American tycoons, Italian manufacturers, decorators, etc. The theme of the yacht in this context is already perceived only by a clever impression from the famous American salons, the “essence” of Art Deco, the dream of a short-term paradise, but by no means the leitmotif of the apartment. In reality, everything happened differently: the choice was uneducible and not long; the owners, exhausted by the state of perpetual repair and the frightening uncertainty of the project, almost immediately agreed to all the proposals of the decorators. Whether the subtle psychological sense of Mad Aliyev, or his innate love for sensual classics played a role ...Мэдиев: “There are things whose value is of a strange nature: for example, a tie or a mechanical watch that functionally“ looks ”rather meaningless (quartz is much better, and the tie only hinders). Beauty, no matter what, is always a conventional and unclear concept. The main thing is a sense of peace , peace of mind - everything that beauty gives. I wanted to achieve this in the interior with simple means. "