House with privileges

house-estate (650 m2) in the Moscow region Tatyana Boronina, Tatyana Vysotskaya

Passing the gallery

A photo: Mikhail Stepanov

Interview prepared: Olga Vologdina

Project author: Tatyana Boronina, Татьяна Высоцкая

Architect: Nadezhda Neslukhovskaya, Ekaterina Meshchanova

Lepnina: Dmitry Uzlikov

Mosaic: Yegor Silantyev

Magazine: N5 (105) 2006

The main bet in the decor of this country house is the architect Tatyana Boronina Made on bright extraordinary furniture and non-standard decorating solutions. According to her herself, the resulting interior completely reflected the personality of the owner, a successful young businessman.

The first thing that attracts attention in the living room is the unusual decor of the ceiling, which literally catches the eye. Why was such a clear emphasis on the ceiling?

Tatyana Boronina: In general, I like calm, simple ceilings. But in this interior, the theme of a multi-level ceiling was caused by the design features of the house. The fact is that the living room is a modest-sized room, and it has a disproportionately large height. To level this deficiency, we figured out how to visually lower the ceiling. From here such chaotic step form and an unusual decor. Thanks to this different levels, we were able to correctly form the space of the living room and the office area.

SALON: In many of your projects you can see items from COLOMBOSTILE. It’s luxurious, fancy style furniture. Art Deco, and its influence on the interior is very noticeable. Who decided on this, you or the customer?

- For a long time we could not grope, let's say, the main thread of the design. On the one hand, the man is young, energetic, but to whom, it would seem, modern architecture is not interesting. On the other hand, in the classics he is not comfortable. In any case, it should have been a respectable, representative, solid interior. We began to show him furniture in various styles in order to understand which of them is closest to his mood. The customer liked the burgundy furniture from COLOMBOSTILEthat later she asked the general style of the interiors. All the doors leading to the living and dining room area were decorated with a relief pattern copied from the backs of the sofas. The winding profile of the balusters of the staircase is inspired by the forged details of this furniture. And the upholstery color has become the main leitmotif of the living room design.

S: What constructive difficulties, besides high ceilings, have you encountered?

- In fact, high ceilings for a country house - this is more advantage than a disadvantage. Thanks to the large windows, the room receives more light, there is a feeling of spaciousness, scale. Another thing, when the proportions are not met, this really becomes a problem. Since we couldn’t practically change anything in the architecture of the house (at the time of our cooperation the construction was completed, and in fact the reconstruction was very delicate), we only had decorator ways out of the situation. So, we supplemented the fireplace with a four-meter mirror going upwards, thanks to which the design turned out to be quite solid and at the same time commensurate to the space. The same height allowed to organize the mezzanine, where they arranged the office. As for the rest of the premises, the dining room is a continuation of the living room and makes up a whole with it, it is simply solved on a combination of green and gold. In the design of private rooms, they settled on a more relaxed color scheme - light beige, peach shades. For the bedroom, we chose the color of salmon, it is not bright, and not so faded. The walls were covered with natural silk, a wool carpet was laid on the floor. It turned out cozy and at the same time strictly, like a man.

Tatyana Boronina: "The customer conceived this house as a country residence, where it would be possible to live comfortably away from a noisy city. We tried to embody his desires. It turned out to be a very functional house, where everything is there for a full life of the young owner."