Henri beck

French designer talks about his favorite things.

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Magazine: N5 (116) 2007

Анри Beck (Henry Becq) - closed man. He creates things only for his own furniture brand. MODENATURE and keeps secret the names of customers whose interiors it draws. In an interview with SALON-interior magazine, the designer talks about his favorite things, his favorite Parisian restaurant and Andy Warhol's favorite photo.

SALON: In Begbeder’s novel “99 francs” in the apartment of the protagonist, the table of your company is adjacent to the music stand from BANG&OLUFSEN, Barcelona chair from Mies van der Rohe and David Hockney pattern on the wall. The right setting for your furniture?

 - More than suitable. By the way, Begbeder lives not far from my boutique. Recently I ran in, bought a coffee table and did not wait for delivery. I just took a table in my hands and went home ... Actually, there are a lot of celebrities living in this area. Recently, Uma Thurman visited the salon, but I did not recognize her. Kylie Minogue also bought a few of my things for her Paris apartment.

S: You probably often pay attention to the interiors of hotels, restaurants, in which you visit. Is there a place about which you can say "I am proud that there is furniture from MODENATURE"?

 - Furniture of my company is in many exclusive hotels, including in Paris, La Villa Saint - Germain des Prés. This is one of the first boutique hotels in France, very cozy, with modern interiors. By the way, in Russia there is a hotel, partially furnished with furniture from MODENATURE - five-star hotel "Rodina" in Sochi. I was not there, but I know that the authors of the project ordered furniture from us.

S: monsieur BeckYour style is often compared to the style of Christian Liegur ... What do you think of such a comparison?

 - My clients love both brands, but I noticed that men choose furniture from Christian Liaigre more often, and women, on the contrary, choose my furniture. The reason, probably, is that Liegr does larger, heavier things, and for me the feeling of air and lightness is important.

S: Your furniture is made in the spirit of minimalism, even purism. Do you allow its combination with classic furniture?

 - Of course. I love to mix styles. For example, now I am creating an interior for a single client who has beautiful chests of the era in the house. Regents. So the interior will be both classic and modern. Another recent project of mine is completely different in style - almost pure minimalism. This is a large apartment in Paris, and the whole interior is decorated in three colors - white, gloss black and chrome. There is an interesting bathroom: there is a large central shower, a shower with massage and another stone couch in the corner so that you can take a shower while sitting. It embodied my idea of ​​luxury. For me, luxury is absolute comfort. But all three children's rooms in this apartment are decorated in bright colors. Their doors open onto the corridor, which is lit by LED lights built into the curtain rail under the wall. So the corridor is lit now in red, then green, then in blue.

S: Please tell us about the house where you grew up.

 - This is a big house in the vicinity of Bordeaux. The interior is made in style Directories, inside a lot of antique furniture, which passed from generation to generation. By the way, there is a lot of dark wood furniture, for example, a magnificent set in the style Louis XIVwhich stands in the living room. Masters of the 18th century loved to use dark wood. This is probably why there are so many wenge items in my collections.

S: What a thing from MODENATURE Do you like most?

 - I really like the Rocking chair. Its design allows for full comfort. The frame is very light, but made of solid steel. Honestly, when I look at it, I remember the spring shock absorbers on large trucks. In any case, the principle here is exactly the same.

S: There are no pictures or photos in your Paris boutique. Why?

 - I do not use pictures in the design of the boutique out of respect for the artists. After all, in order for the artist to be pleased to be in this interior, he would have to take out all the things from there and leave only the paintings on the wall.

S: What pictures do you have at home?

 “I have several abstract canvases by artist Ariane Lassaigne. In addition, I enjoy photography. I have a picture of Andy Warhol from the series in his house where he dresses up in Marilyn Monroe. I chose the last photo from this session, in which he already sits without makeup, without a wig, with a towel on his head. In general, when I buy works of art, it does not matter to me whether the artist is known or not.

S: Do you collect fashionable clothes?

 - Not. The idea of ​​collecting objects of art is close to me, but the idea of ​​collecting things is not close. Than buying three jackets, I'd rather buy two, but those that I really like.

S: What recent purchase did you enjoy?

 - Recently, I bought a bracelet from ARTHUS-BERTRAND - a chain with a plate on which the name of the owner is usually engraved. I removed this plate and left only the chain. Changed the design "by itself". (Laughs)

S: Since we’ve talked about lifestyle, you’ll have to tell you about your favorite restaurant in France ...

 - I advise you to visit the restaurant of my second cousin Helen Daroz, who is called Hélène Darroze. In my opinion, she is the only woman cook in the world whose restaurant has received three Michelin stars. I did the interior of the entire restaurant, and recently re-designed the reception area.

S: What dish from the menu Hélène Darroze do you recommend?

 - I advise you to try oysters with apple and caviar sorbet. Believe you will like it.