From the 20s to the present

office space (Moscow) Vladimir Geller The combination of modernity and the atmosphere of the dark time of the 20s in the interior of the office space

Passing the gallery

Text: Nadezhda Serebryakova

A photo: Larisa Pankratova

Architect: Vladimir Geller

Painter: Andrei Bokhov, Mikhail Khramov

Magazine: (41) 2000

Severity, conciseness, the almost complete absence of color, a minimum of decor - these are the main characteristics of a regular modern office, where nothing should distract employees from hard work. But this approach makes bureaus of various companies faceless, unprincipled, and not having their own unique style. In the presented interior of the office space (Strelbishchensky per., D. 30), the authors tried to create something unusual, to intrigue the visitor and bring a bit of humor into the strict space. The concept is based on the legend that the pre-revolutionary room with painting on the wall, bas-reliefs on the ceiling and along the walls in the 20s was repaired by masters who graduated from the Rabfak. Deaf, dirty colors, furniture with white covers are echoes of that gloomy time. But suddenly, unexpectedly, we see modern gypsum panels in the walls, suspended ceilings with built-in light plus modern office furniture and equipment. There is a sharp transition from one time to another, from one state to another, allowing the viewer to feel the atmosphere of the past.