From scratch

two-level penthouse with an area of ​​205 m2 in Moscow

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Text: Julia Sakharova

Project author: Irina Tsoi

Magazine: the Luxe Modern

The mistress of this penthouse has its own interior philosophy: it must be created from scratch and certainly in a new apartment.

Says the author of the project Irina Tsoi: “The penthouse is located on the 23rd and 24th floors of the new house in the west of Moscow. I must say that the hostess, choosing housing, was looking for a new apartment in a new house to create an interior from scratch. The concept was developed by us together. The customer dreamed of a cozy modern apartment that would combine the features of both the apartment itself and a country house. I think the penthouse format itself is suitable for the realization of this task as well as possible: there are two levels of living space, panoramic windows and a great view from the windows. If you add more warm natural materials such as wood, beautiful textures, white color or its softer options - creamy, vanilla (like we have here), beat the natural light, the interior will feel very similar to the interior of a country house. All this is here. To create a "country" mood indispensable thing - a fireplace. And we decided to install it in the living room. Sometimes it happens that some particular detail forms the basis of a concept. In our interior history, the starting point was ... a fireplace. And it was like this: the hostess saw in one of the salons a fireplace of laconic minimalist form - the black square of the case, beautifully inscribed in the vertical duct. She really liked this option. And besides, I liked the very idea of ​​similar geometry that I wanted to develop in spatial forms.

You will find squares in the form of a partition, similar to avant-garde sculpture, in the ceiling and “carpet” pattern of glossy floor tiles. (The partition also plays the role of a watershed between functional areas, separating the living room from the corridor and the entrance to the bathroom.) On the second floor are the bedrooms, and the first floor of the penthouse is an open two-light space: a kitchen with a dining area, a living room and a dining room. The only room is a study library where you can work in solitude and read. If guests come, the office serves as a guest room. ”

Project author designer Irina Tsoi:“Everywhere we tried to emphasize the openness and freedom of space, so the monochrome palette prevails in the interior. Firstly, light shades visually increase the space, and secondly, they serve as a good background for a geometric volumetric composition. And thirdly, dark wood furniture looks graphically on their background. Objects of orange color create a special mood. This is the only bright open color in a discreet monochrome penthouse interior. ”