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THG: plumbing class fashion

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin, Sergey Morgunov - from the archives of the press services

Leading headings: Marina Volkova

Magazine: N10 (143) 2009

Company THG, participant "Show Interior" -2008, produces plumbing, decorated with inserts of crystal and porcelain

The brilliant story of the brand THG started in 1950. Since 1965, the company began to rely on working with famous designers. The first among them was Jean-Claude Delipin. These days with THG French masters such as Chantal Tomass and Pierre Yves Rochon collaborate. You can recall the American Jimmy Drake. Chantal Tomass created the Poemes series together with the BERNARDAUD manufactory. The mixers are decorated with flirty bows and imitation of the stitching: the fact that Tomass is engaged in fashion design affects. Pierre Yves Rochon, in collaboration with the same manufacturers, produced as many as ten named series. Along with them, the pride of the brand was the "crystal" plumbing, in the decoration of which creations are used. LALIQUE. On "INTERIOR SHOW" the company also exhibited baths, paneled with integrated LEDs. Were shown and bath, trimmed with leather.

Architect Alexander Glikman:“Everything that is“ impersonal, ”in turn, impersonal the interior. Even such miniature elements as mixers. It seems that they are practically invisible. Nothing of the kind! THG just very sharp. If the goal is to create a stylish bathroom, I immediately remember them. For example, this faucet designed by Chantal Tomass is the best option for a glamorous, flirty bathroom.