For the love of art

Entourage for artistic interior

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Leading headings: Evgenia Shuer

Makeup and hairstyles: Ekaterina Spiridonova

Model: Call Lisa

Magazine: N5 (171) 2012

In a turbulent era ar-deko and jazz did not have time for creative torment. Talented works of art created, without distracting from the endless celebration of life - in the intervals between extravagant parties, novels and world travel

Coffee table, Perle mirror, designer Jacques Garcia (Jacques Garcia); chest of drawers, sofa, pillow, lamp, Baker; Plaid, Rani Arabella; magazine rack, glass balls, small things, Global Views; starfish, all - salon Baker. Yacht model, Kiade, salon Voice. Corals, Objet de Curiosité, showroom Andrew Martin. Necklace of cornelian and silver, designer Cyrus Demur; necklace from amber and silver, designer Natalia Valnere; coral earrings, designer Ekaterina Vodovozova; necklace on the model, designer Bakhtiyor Baltabaev, everything is a boutique "Accents". Blouse, pants, hat, Max Mara, boutique Max Mara