apartment of 130 m2

Passing the gallery

A photo: Alexey Knyazev

Interview prepared: Olga Vologdina

Project author: Julia Vishnepolskaya, Andrey Kartsev, Александр Полковнandков

Magazine: N10 (121) 2007

What kind of shapes and geometric figures architects do not use when they create modern spaces! They are inspired not only by a circle, square or line, but also a regular egg. It was the egg theme that became the architectural dominant in the interior of the apartment designed by the Architectural Bureau. Andrey Kartsev and Julia Vishnepolskaya

"It all started with the fact that our old friend turned to us and asked us to make him an apartment,” says the architect. Julia Vishnepolskaya. - He bought it for himself, and he needed an unusual, bright interior for rest. Where after work you can escape from the hustle and bustle, relax, gain strength. He didn’t limit us in anything and provided complete freedom, specifying only the main points: free planning, large bathroom with natural light. In general, everything. The rest - do what you want, your song. "

Andrey Kartsev: The apartment was a square, inscribed in a circle, with two short balconies. And when we started to design, all the time we were faced with a lack of something: there was not enough space, then there was no place to put the kitchen, you could not make the bathroom light, it turned out to be boring. We worked on various options until we came up with the central part - a kind of core - in the form of an egg. Around him, fanlikely arranged the premises, attached balconies and made a complete glazing instead of windows. So all at once there was a place. Directly from the entrance opens a wedge-shaped living room space with a home cinema, dining room and kitchen. Where there used to be a large balcony, a kitchen was equipped, and a bar counter was attached to the supporting column, which could not be removed, where the owner could have breakfast, drink tea or coffee. Further from the dining room through the office you can go into a spacious bedroom with a bathroom. From the bedroom there is also an exit to the living room, to the home cinema area. Thus, the rooms are interconnected - this is, you see, very convenient.

The cinema area deserves special attention, as it is located in the central part. The floor and ceiling here repeat the shape of an egg, but they are trimmed with different materials. There is a leather tile on the floor, and a round ceiling lamp imitating the yolk is decorated with aged gold. The shape of the egg is not only repeated in the plan, but also recreated in volume. In two places, the “oval” seems to be wedged into vertical planes, forming a concave oval niche and a wall in which there is a door leading to the master bedroom.

Вообще, яйцо по своей форме унandкально. Оно не andмеет радandуса - у каждой частand он свой. Чтобы повторandть его в andнтерьере, мы сделалand трехмерную модель and через каждые 40 см давалand строandтелям новые размеры. И нашлand спецandальную технологandю, которая позволяет создавать в пространстве любые сложные объемы.

Julia Vishnepolskaya: This apartment is heavily a game. For example, a closet-door between the office and the bedroom. And from the side of the bedroom, and from the side of the office, it looks like a regular built-in wardrobe. And no one guesses about his second function. If you press the button, a hidden door will open. In general, fun. And another customer’s favorite toy is a curtain in a home theater. The bearing pylon in this zone could not be removed. At first we wanted to rock him, but then we realized that it was too much. And they decided to just drape a cloth that leaves because of it and moves in a circle. If one of the friends stays overnight, the curtain will completely hide the sofa group, forming a guest mini-room. In this case, you can go into the kitchen or leave the house without disturbing the guest. One or two people live in this apartment just fine. When she was done, she walked easily and pleased everyone. Pleased with the owner, the builders were proud of her. We were especially pleased.

Julia Vishnepolskaya: "This apartment was conceived from the very beginning as a place for rest and relaxation. The customer works a lot, so he dreamed of an interior that was radically different from those of standard office spaces where he spends most of his time. We came up with a little fabulous and cheerful for him a house with lots of fun stuff "