Concrete garden

salon Gaggenau in St. Petersburg

Passing the gallery

Leading headings, stylist: Nina Farizova

A photo: Ivan Sorokin

Project author: Vitaly Vishnepolsky, Mikhail Evlakov

Magazine: N11 (133) 2008

New interior technology Gaggenau in St. Petersburg, almost all made of concrete

“When we came to this public space,” says the architect. Vitaly Vishnepolsky, - then we saw that a rusticated finishing stone was preserved on the walls. And we decided to leave it. The difficulty was that we had to somehow place a large amount of kitchen equipment. And we used cast concrete technology. The properties of concrete as a molding material are endless. In addition, unlike the drywall is "honest" material, it really "works" in the interior. Therefore, a new interior technology GAGGENAU almost all made of concrete. We like things that have a sound internal structure. The same principle as in the Japanese garden: you step on an uneven stone, you swayed, and only then, only at this moment can you see a branch of extraordinary beauty. Everything is interconnected. Form, material, color and light, physiology, trajectory of movement, perception ... That was the idea in this monochrome interior. ”

Address: St. Petersburg, st. B. Monetnaya, 16