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Hotel Pan Pacific Singapore in Singapore

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Materials: - (c) Peter Mealin

Magazine: N10 (77) 2003

The five-star first-class hotel Pan Pasific Singapore is located near the city center. Each of the 784 hotel rooms provides guests with maximum comfort. Singapore is a city of contrasts, where European and Asian traditions are mixed. The symbol of Singapore - a sculpture of an animal with the head of a lion and a fish tail - very accurately reflects this duality. But in reality this duality turns into ambiguity. English, Chinese, Tamil and Mandarin are spoken here. They eat - who is a hamburger from McDonald's, and who is a dish called "Buddha's Jump". Buy - someone gold in the Indian quarter, and someone clothes in boutiques. But anarchy does not work. On the contrary, it turns out a complete order (is it not because the government of this country partially regulated the norms of behavior: it forbade, for example, chewing gum in public places). Is it any wonder after that the atmosphere of order in the best of Singapore hotels? The minimalism sparkling with the cleanliness of lines and surfaces is perfectly coordinated here with the courtesy of well-trained personnel. All rooms are furnished in modern style and equipped with the latest technology. The very name of the apartment itself is impressive: Deluxe Panoramic rooms or Suites on the Pasific floor. One of the most striking examples of the minimalist style of the designers at the Wimberley Alison Tonga Hotel and Gu is the Pasific floor, or the Pacific floor. The rooms there are two-level: on the ground floor there is a "business center" (computer, fax), on the top floor there are living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms ...Pan Pasific Hotel, SingaporeFlight Moscow - Singapore (round-trip ticket price is about $ 1,100) *. Limousine will deliver from the airport to Pan Pasific Singapore. The hotel has 784 rooms, some huge - up to 170 square meters. The rooms offer panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.Weather in Sigapur at any time of the year +25 ... +31 ° C, in the fall and winter, starting in November, it rains. Usually it is showers that quickly pass. Nevertheless, the weather does not interfere with shopping: in Singapore, it seems, you can buy everything. The main thing in this city, like a huge store, is to participate in the process itself ... For example, on Orchard Road. * Airfare (Aeroflot, "economy class") is indicated for the Christmas holidays.