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Семейный фарфор Porcelain

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A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Leading headings: Marina Volkova

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About the Florentine stamp Porcelainwho participated in "Interior Show," says Giacomo Dichibello, co-owner and one of the designers of the factory

Giacomo, a representative of the third generation of the family managing the factory, believes that only a very personal approach is the key to success. "Design of unique products from PORCELAINS family is created collectively - I offer something, my aunt adds something (she has been working in a factory since she was 15), Giacomo says. “Even my grandmother, who, in fact, founded everything in 1948, still participates in the creative process. Then our drawings get to the masters, who will already sculpt the thing directly. Yes, it is sculpt. Porcelain PORCELAINS done only by hand, molded like from plasticine. Look, for example, at one of our most popular motifs - at small stucco flowers: petals, pistils are all different, there is not a single repetition. We are looking for exclusive materials to get top-notch results. So, in our lamps, in addition to the finely processed porcelain for lamp shades, hand-sewn, double (top light, golden inside) silk is used. Many items PORCELAINS covered in platinum and 24-carat gold, so that our masters - and we ourselves - are almost jewelers. "