China in london

Chinese restaurant Shatush in Moscow Alan Yau (Alan Yau), Konstantin Chernyavsky

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Leading headings: Nina Farizova

Idea: Alan Yau, Konstantin Chernyavsky

Architect: Andrey Tsygankov

Designer: Svetlana Kroshkina, Svetlana Furzikova

Magazine: N6 (84) 2004

Shatush is the most expensive wool in the world. It grows on the neck of a Tibetan goat, which is listed in the Red Book. Chinese restaurant with such a soft and warm name Shatush opened in Moscow (Gogolevsky b-r, 17). The new establishment is almost an exact replica of the trendy London restaurant Hakkasan, marked by the prestigious Michelin Star award. Two rooms are decorated in different styles. Rather strict dining contrasts with imposing tea. The color solution of the space is built on the opposition of blue and red. Garnet curtains, bright silk-screen printing, custom-made furniture, knick-knacks brought from China - the interior does not impress an oriental restaurant, but only hints of belonging to the Middle Kingdom.