Break the ice

Floristic interior decoration for the New Year

Passing the gallery

Leading headings: Marina Volkova

A photo: Elizaveta Yakhno

Magazine: Decor N1 (167) 2012

The interior design for the New Year, including the floral one, is traditionally made white and golden

Florist Mila Kozhukhovskaya designed the interior of the restaurant in a festive, New Year's Eve gamut. They mainly decorated window openings using a variety of materials. The basis of the composition, placed on a wide window-sill, was “boa”, made of snow-white fur with a long nap. This decorative substrate reminds of a fairy-tale forest covered with snow. High vases are wrapped in the same “fur coat” in which among the dried autumn leaves sprinkled with golden powder, Christmas tree decorations, decorative ribbons and ornaments made of rhinestones are festive candles. A light garland is fastened under the fur cover. When it is lit, the feeling of a fairy tale is enhanced. And this tale is most likely about the Snow Queen. Such associations are suggested by hanging window decorations: icicles, branches, on which droplets of ice seem to be frozen, and golden leaves and cones. This fabulous palace!