Billiards. bar. bowling!!!

боулинг "БиБаБо" в Саратове Sergey Bakursky

Passing the gallery

A photo: Konstantin Dubovec

Text: Julia Shaginurova

Architect: Sergey Bakursky

Magazine: (64)

Bibao Bowling in Saratov (B. Sadovaya St., 239) is part of a large entertainment center located on the territory of a former defense plant. To some chagrin of the architect, the owners decided to leave the industrial surroundings and did not want to leave the interior will take a brutal industrial style. The machines of the 30s were taken out, picturesque panels with fish and underwater caves appeared on the walls. So on the site of the factory shop, a bright, contrasting space appeared above the bomb shelter. Unusual layout, plastic forms, active saturated colors - bowling reminds of a fantastic underwater structure, where both professional players and amateurs feel themselves equally comfortable.