Ball rule

Flower arrangements in the form of balls

Passing the gallery

A photo: Alyona Polosukhina

Text: Olga Korotkova

Magazine: N4 (60) 2002

The ball is the simplest geometric shape. The florists of the Moscow school "Nicole", who dedicated their floral compositions to the "spherical" theme, turn this mathematical simplicity to a deep philosophical content. The latter, of course, has also been known to the world for a long time. An unexpected interpretation of the simplicity-complexity gives the win-win reception, which is also not itself an invention - a visual series plus context. Then the prototypical form is challenged: the novelty of the created reads both the form and the content in their otherness, primordial nature. Malevich’s black square is like a square of a square, its geometric progression. Kandinsky's broken lines are a kind of “patent” for brokenness and curvature. Floral balls, without pretending to continue this decent series, nevertheless add something new to what we know about the ball ...