Art deco and classic

two-level apartment (330 m2) in Tolyatti Anna Kolesnikova-Zinkovskaya, Nadezhda Dyatchina

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov

Text: Nadezhda Nadimova

Project author: Anna Kolesnikova-Zinkovskaya

Designer: Nadezhda Dyatchina, Alexander Urgalkin

Woodwork: Sergey Yurchenko

Stone works: Alexey Kozhevnikov

The painting: Gennady Miskevich

Workshop Leader: Elena Ignatieva

Construction Manager: Alexey Thatchkov

Magazine: N (87) 2004

Eclecticism, based on the contrast of two opposite forms of retro - art deco and classics. This is exactly what determines the style of the apartment by its author, Anna Kolesnikova-Zinkovskaya, a designer from Tolyatti.Ar deko In a spacious two-level apartment, reminiscences of art deco are caught everywhere: in the drawing of individual details, in the design of furniture and accessories, but most of all in the characteristic graphicity of the decor. The color solution of most interiors is not built on thin transitions, but on bold comparisons of large planes of bright, saturated color. Such is the design of the dining area with massive black and white dining furniture, dark draperies of heavy curtains and a contrasting pattern of ceramic floor. Such is the master bedroom located on the second floor, where greyish-purple the walls are contrasted with the floor and mahogany furniture, and against the dark cherry wood panels the scarlet squares of the lamps flicker.Classic Another style-making source is the classic. But the classics are special: simplified, geometrized, purified to brutality from all kinds of graces and excesses. "We have left only the very essence of the classical form: symmetry, a warrant, an organizing principle," - emphasizes Anna. The most indicative in this sense is the interior of the hall of the first floor. Decorative gypsum columns of the Doric order (with all their asceticism are not devoid of grace), a round light dome, which is echoed by a mosaic stone floor, such elements already at the entrance inform a certain classical message to further architectural variations and fantasies.Contrast The interior of the main ground floor living room was the scene of a clash of two styles. Against the background of a snow-white wall with light panels and classic profiles, a dark rectangle of the home theater screen stands out. This wall is the culmination of classic restraint. But wicker rattan furniture with silk striped pillows strongly recalls the spectacular and paradoxical art deco. In addition, in the living room, as in other rooms, Art Deco gives the living space the necessary taste of elitism, respectability and exoticism, while the classics communicate restrained severity, simplicity and nobility.Anna Kolesnikova-Zinkovskaya: "Art Deco has recently attracted many architects, we also did not remain indifferent to the style so popular today. But the classical jet, perhaps not so frankly, but no less persistently, declares itself here."