Amazingly simple

The presentation of two new collections - Paladio (Kobe Chic) and Sedulana (Kobe Country) was held in the main showroom of Kobe

Passing the gallery

A photo: Vladimir German, Anna Gorbunova

Leading headings: Julia Sakharova

Magazine: Decor N11 (133) 2008

Presentation of two new collections - Paladio (Kobe Chic) И Sedulana (Kobe Country) took place in the middle of September in the Dutch Einhoven in the main showroom of the company Kobe. In Paladio, dusty, dull colors (brown, purple, mustard, warm gray, beige, terracotta red and dirty white) are combined with a metallic sheen. Among the drawings strip of different widths, medallions, as well as rosettes, as in the Gothic stained glass windows. The hit of the season is transparent fabrics. These can be delicate veils with jacquard pattern and lurex imitating embroidery, or a laser-sculpted organza. Sedulana is calmer, characterized by bleached colors and the absence of metallized threads. Fabrics are mostly natural or with the addition of fibers of flax, viscose and cotton. Textures differ in volume, which is achieved by complex weaving or adding yarns of chenille cotton. The drawings are made to be darker or lighter than the base. As in the Paladio, there are many stripes in the Sedulana collection.

Andre Stevens (Andre Stevens), art director of the company Kobe:Creating a new collection, we study the world around us. Nothing remains without attention - fashion industry, jewelry houses, architecture, design and even culinary and literary passions of people ... All this helps us to find the main thing that will make our future collections attractive and fashionable. What colors, textures and patterns will be fashionable today, tomorrow, in a year? In the next two to three years, fashionable fabrics with the effect of 3D, very large figures, transparent fabrics and pure white color will be in fashion.