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Hi-Fi Show 2008 in Moscow

Passing the gallery

Text: Dmitry Dmitrokopulo

Magazine: (129)

In Moscow, "Crocus Expo" was held HDI Show 2008 - the largest international exhibition of electronics

The theme of High Definition - the image and sound of high definition - for the second year in a row becomes the leitmotif of the exhibition Hi-Fi, Digital, Install. For example, a company SONY showed a wide range of HD-technology, in particular the new ultra-flat TV with organic light-emitting diodes. BUT РANASONIC - Full HD-TVs family Viera, the world's largest plasma panel with a screen diagonal of 150 inches and Blu-ray-player Panasonic DMP-BD30 (he won the HDI Show “Product of the Year” competition in the Blu-Ray Player nomination). The exhibition convinced: the dispute between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats, the merits of which were discussed for several years, ended this year with the victory of Blu-Ray.