Actual space

two-level apartment with an area of ​​245 m2 in Togliatti Anna Kolesnikova

Passing the gallery

A photo: Karen Manko

Interview prepared: Julia Sakharova

Project author: Anna Kolesnikova-Zinkovskaya, Nadezhda Dyatchina

Performance Manager: Alexey Thatchkov

Magazine: N1 (79) 2004

Anna Kolesnikova, a designer from Togliatti, created this project in 1998. Suddenly, the customer decided to sell the apartment ... And the "same" project was already implemented under the new owners “The apartment was designed by us five years ago,” says the designer. “Her story is rather curious. At first, the owner purchased a room on the penultimate floor of a modern house. It soon became clear that you could buy the attic floor. That was done. The project changed accordingly, the main "headache" was the unification of the floors. The design features of the house were such that a comfortable staircase could be made only in one place - not far from the entrance to the lower floor. On the ground floor we planned a kitchen, a dining room, a Ostinu, office and guest bathroom, and on the second - a large nursery and parents' bedroom with a bathroom and dressing room. The customer asked for “more open space", leaving the rest at my discretion. So the project was done, but it was not possible to implement it then that the apartment was sold. After three years, the new owner of the apartment called me (it turned out, on the recommendation of the first one) and asked me to implement the same project. We practically did not change anything in it. The only thing, at the request of the customer, we abandoned the living room in the traditional sense: its functions were divided between the dining room and the cinema hall. In the space of the first floor they are separated as much as possible. The cinema hall is to the left of the hall (the apartment’s “core”), the dining room is to the right. We located the staircase leading upstairs in the depths of the hall. The end wall in the seven-meter space above the stairs is lined with wild stone, painted with olive-silver tint. Horsetail is planted on the wall. Using these simple techniques, we have shown that the staircase area in this house is of particular importance. My customers do not regret that they returned to the "old" project, which turned out to be so relevant for them. "Anna Kolesnikova: "The customer wanted to see his apartment emphasized modern. In his understanding, it is open spaces, clean lines, new technologies ... To enhance the" modern "sound of the interior, I used the method of contrast."