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Modern eclecticism with notes of Scandinavian style — this is how the author characterizes the style of this interior.

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Project author: Marina Poklontseva

Magazine: Decor N8 (207) 2015

Modern eclecticism with notes of Scandinavian style — this is how the author characterizes the style of this interior.

This interior has created an amazing atmosphere of calm. And the peace of joy, emotional. Sophisticated color accents, some unexpected forms, antiques, arsenal items and modern art make this space a dull and extraordinary, special, custom-made, like a good suit. The style is eclectic with a touch of neoclassical and Scandinavian style, flavored with ethnicity. Why such a batch? “The cold Scandinavian style — and suddenly — once! —Chinese ancient vases, Iranian kilims, a banquette upholstered with the skin of a zebra,” Marina explains emotionally. And besides, they are perfectly combined with modern things like transparent plastic chairs, laconic wardrobes, coffee tables and simple-shaped sofas. ”

The mood of Northern Europe in the interior is created by cool shades of turquoise and gray, bleached brushed oak, laconic furniture lines and natural fabrics: wool, half-woolen, and linen. French floor windows — in the context of a common interior story about Northern Europe. They were made in the room of the daughter and in the kitchen with a practical purpose — to increase the illumination of the apartment, but this purely functional solution looks like a well-thought artistic, and it seems absolutely authentic in this interior. The aesthetics of the northern provinces of France (as part of the mosaic) takes its place here. By the way, dormer windows in the master bedroom also work as a decorator. Marina Poklontseva emphasized them with simple Roman blinds made of flax: there is no need for an additional textile "side dish", because windows of this type are good in themselves. “In the bedroom there is a wall with a slope,” the author of the project tells, “and so that the area under the window does not disappear, I thought up to make cabinets for storing trifles below”.

So it was conceived that the bedrooms should have looked as concise in style as the ceremonial rooms. But everything was not so simple with the daughter's bedroom. “In the process of working on the interior, it turned out that the child had grown up and he had his own view on what his room should be,” Marina says with a smile. “I promised the owners that we would“ tie ”this room to the living room and same time wishes daughter. ” The main decorative element is a Chinoiserie silk panel. It was performed at the factory DE GOURNAY. This is a hand-painted silk. Everything fits perfectly: if you look closely, you can see that neither the branches nor the flowers are cut anywhere, and they “bloom” right above the headboard. At the request of the owner of the room, artists painted butterflies fluttering between blue and pink peonies. The author of the project recalls that the reference point in solving the color scheme of this panel (and the room as a whole) was ... a picture of Evgenia Gapchinskaya, which at that time was already purchased. The style of the room is a kind of “remembrance” of the epoch of the French Rococo. Here, at the same time, there are many restrained monochromatic surfaces (curtsy of the public area, the parents' bedroom and the owner's office). There is also a fashionable postmodern object — Philippe Starck’s desk lamp — plastic neo-baroque. The opposing technique was used correctly: eclecticism does not declare itself too loudly, and the interior does not look outrageous. This stylistically sustained and comfortable space for living.

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