Ways of a glazing of a verandah and a terrace

Glazing of verandas and terraces - high quality and reliableOwners of private houses are often concerned about the glazing of the veranda and the terrace. Protect these buildings from wind and rain can be different. So, some people prefer sliding structures, while others prefer frameless glazing. Also, if desired, you can glaze the room only partially.


  • 1 Glazing features
  • 2 Aluminum frames
  • 3 Frameless glazed porch
  • 4 Polycarbonate and metal plastic
  • 5 Partial glazing

Glazing features

To decide on the method of glazing the veranda or terrace, it is necessary to deal with these terms. It is believed that the veranda is a room in which there are walls and glass. This is explained by the fact that the main task of this part of the house is to protect the house from the cold coming from the street.

The terrace is considered an open area in front of the house, intended for recreation. If desired, it can be glazed, so that you can spend time in the winter. Many experts say that in this case, the terrace becomes a veranda, which means that the glazing is carried out according to the same principles.

Aluminum frames

Frameless sliding glazing for balconies and verandasTerraces are not intended for use throughout the year, which means that in winter it will be cold here. Moreover, precipitation will reach the site. Sliding frames made of aluminum with a cold profile will help to solve this problem. Here no thermal break is provided. Accordingly, the design will not become more tight. If it is planned to organize a winter garden or install heating devices, then aluminum warm profiles should be preferred.

The advantage of the option with frames is the possibility of partial and full glazing of the veranda. In this case, with the onset of heat, you can move the entire structure, so that the platform will be open.

There are several options for glazing the veranda. depending on the method of opening.

  • Sliding frames can be fixed on parallel guides. Accordingly, they move in the same way as the panels in the cabinets. An important advantage of the design is saving space. There is no need to open the "doors", just push the sash for each other. Naturally, because of this, in the summer it will not be possible to completely remove the glazing of the veranda or terrace. Also worth noting is the fact that such a system is not hermetic, which means that it is not suitable for a site with a winter garden.
  • Folding aluminum frames are called "accordions". If necessary, they can be easily hidden in the corner of the terrace. Thanks to a special mechanism, all the valves really fold up like an accordion and occupy a minimum of space. It should be noted that to create such a design can be used both aluminum and plastic profiles. If we are talking about the glazing of the veranda or terrace, preference should be given to the first option, since it is the metal that can withstand really heavy glass.

Aluminum frames allow you to implement various design solutions. So, you can insert such glasses here:

  • transparent;
  • colored;
  • tinted.

Some people prefer polycarbonate, capable of passing a maximum of light.

Frameless veranda glazing

Glazing verandas and terraces.This option makes any veranda more like a terrace. There are no frames or vertical posts between the panes. Accordingly, even in winter time, the building will appear open.

In this case, for glazing the veranda is only suitable special tempered glasswhich will make the whole structure strong enough and reliable. At the top and bottom of the system is installed with the rails, which will move the sash. With the onset of heat, the design can be completely shifted to the side and left in the form of a book.

Polycarbonate and metal plastic

If the issue of saving is very important to you, you can use polycarbonate instead of glass. This material is characterized by increased transparency. Moreover, it is partly related to thermal insulation products. Polycarbonate is very durable, which means that it is not afraid of any mechanical damage, unlike glass.

For the glazing of the veranda you can safely use metal structures. Due to certain characteristics of the profile and the selected glass packs, it will be possible to create a cozy atmosphere even in the absence of heating. In order to ensure thermal insulation, you can purchase special blocks in which the space between the panes is filled with inert gas.

The easiest way to install double-glazed windows on the front side. Here until the middle is mounted brick or wall paneling, and the windows themselves are located above. Such construction will be non-removable, which means that in summer you can be on the terrace or veranda, even in windy weather.

Masters recommend glazing rounded pads polycarbonate with aluminum profile. Thanks to this material it will be possible to repeat all the bends and preserve the architectural integrity of the building.

If you often relax on the veranda or terrace, take care of the glazing of this area. The easiest way to install a frameless design here. More functional is considered the sliding option, which involves the use of aluminum or metal-plastic profile.