Verandas and terraces: photos and features

Cozy verandaAs a rule, in modern reality, the terms "terrace" and "veranda" are given an approximately equal meaning. But not so simple. Let's try to understand not only the meaning of these words and the main differences between these rooms from each other, but also analyze their types, as well as consider the modern ideas of their decorative design.


  • 1 What is the difference from the veranda terrace
  • 2 Types of verandahs
  • 3 Types of terraces
  • 4 Decorative design of the veranda and terraces
  • 5 Terraces and Verandas - 45 Photo Ideas

What is the difference from the veranda terrace

First of all, it should be emphasized that the veranda is relatively a small building with a roof which is part of the overall structure, in contrast to the terrace, which is located outside the main building. A common feature is that they are considered an additional structure.

Glazed TerraceThe terrace is located on the additional detached from the house. raised baseand, as a rule, on high ground, and in its basis has the Latin term "land". It is necessarily fenced, in other words, it is an open area in the open air.

Veranda has common foundation with the main structure, it can be, as it was attached to the building additionally, and it was built simultaneously with it. In its original meaning lies the Persian term “gallery”, and this is fully justified, since the veranda has large windows on two or even three sides, and offers a good overview. Do not confuse the veranda with the porch of the house, which does not have a roof and bordering walls. In the case when the veranda is glazed and insulated, it is an additional area and can perform the functions of a living room, dining room or conservatory.

Types of verandahs

There are two main types of verandas:

  • open;
  • closed

Brick verandaWhen building a house it is best to plan the design of the veranda in advance. First of all, solid foundation prevent cracks on the walls of the veranda. Secondly, since the porch is an integral part of the main building, it must be documented along with the plan of the whole house. If the veranda is attached to a ready-made building, then the documentation should be prepared separately, which will entail additional time and money.

An important factor is exterior decorationBecause, as part of a building, the design of the facade should be in a single stylistic decision.

Types of terraces

The terrace can be of the following types:

  • open;
  • closed;
  • universal.

The first type refers to summer buildings and, accordingly, is operated only in the warm season, is an area with or without a canopy, always without foundationbut with semi-stems. In fact, it symbolizes a summer holiday zone at the dacha. In central Russia, where there are not so many warm days a year as in the south, the second or third type of terraces is relevant.

Covered terraceCovered terrace предусматривает наличие foundation and main walls. It can have a heating and ventilation system, which makes it functional both in winter and in summer, and even for living.

The universal terrace provides for the removal of double-glazed windows and doors or has a folding roof and wall mechanism, which makes it open. This type of building is also based on the foundation and may have a heating system.

Decorative design of the veranda and terraces

Before embarking on interior design, it is important to decide first on the purpose of the room, and second styling. Rules such as when making the house itself.

There are a lot of design options for the terrace and veranda, we will focus on the most popular ones. A great idea would be decorating these rooms. flower arrangements - this will give them some zest. Moreover, it can be like flowers in pots, the composition of which can be periodically changed to diversify the situation, and planted evergreen shrubs. Flower border will be an excellent frame for a veranda. If you plant a few thuy in a row, then in addition to decorating the territory, they will become an excellent protective wall from the wind.

Decor on the verandaUnobtrusive Tullelocated around the perimeter of the veranda, can also be a great interior detail. They can be collected in bundles or dissolve, depending on the rest of the design, as well as your mood.

For terraces and porches there is a special category of furniture - garden. It is resistant to sunlight and rainwater, which can occasionally get into this room. Ordinary furniture under the influence of these factors will quickly become worthless. For people who rarely use the terrace or veranda, folding furniture can be a good option, which can be removed after every gathering. If you are an amateur often sit on the veranda, then pay attention to wicker furniture - it is the best option for quality and durability.

In the open space there is more opportunity for dusting, therefore it is less practical, if possible, to use dark textiles and furniture. Indoors, coziness creates, above all, textiles, and the style can be very diverse. Most importantly, to stay on the terrace or in the veranda brings real pleasure.

Terraces and Verandas - 45 Photo Ideas