Construction of arbors of bricks

Arbor of brickДачные беседки относят к малым архитектурным constructionм, которые занимают центральное место в любом ландшафтном дизайне и обладают рядом функциональных преимуществ. Особенно это касается беседок, выполненных из кирпича, ведь именно они отличаются наибольшей прочностью и долговечностью, а возможность обустройства места для приготовления пищи делает их поистине незаменимой конструкцией. Что же представляет собой кирпичная беседка и как правильно организовать процесс её строительства и обустройства? На эти и некоторые другие вопросы мы с удовольствием дадим вам достойный ответ.


  • 1 The essence of the brick arbor
  • 2 Types of brick arbors
  • 3 Brick gazebo construction technology
  • 4 External and internal design of the arbor

The essence of the brick arbor

Garden houses can be built from various materials, but most often for such purposes is used wood and brick. Of course, brick gazebos require more significant financial investments, but their justification is confirmed by the long-term prospect of use and the lack of need for further care, which, in fact, can not be said about wooden structures.

TOирпичные беседки требуют более серьёзного и основательного approach к созданию плана, а также выбора материалов, особенно если предусмотрено строительство кирпичного мангала, барбекю или всесезонное пользование constructionм. TOроме этого, учитывая вес конструкции, организация надёжного и крепкого фундамента является обязательным мероприятием.

TO неоспоримым benefits brick arbors include the following points, namely:

  • durability of the structure, which is confirmed by the possibility of its use for decades;
  • strength of the material used, which is not afraid of various external factors;
  • the possibility of arranging the living room, kitchen area, barbecue or stove, which allows cooking in the open air and in the company of loved ones at the same time;
  • practical properties allow not to spend finances, time and energy for periodic care of the condition of the structure;
  • Arbor configuration can have completely different forms, which allows not only to give an individual aesthetic look to the structure, but also to ensure the all-season nature of its use.

Only significant financial and labor costs are attributed to the disadvantages of brick arbors. expenses, as well as more time for the construction of the base and construction in general.

Types of brick arbors

Types of arbors of brickTOонструкция brick gazebos can be different, but still common is their division into three main types:

  1. TOирпичная беседка open type It is a fairly simple structure, which consists of pillars and walls with a height, usually up to one meter. For such structures, various forged elements, grids and climbing plants are widely used, which, as it were, continue the arbor itself and become part of the overall composition;
  2. TOирпичная беседка half open type It has one or two full load-bearing walls, which protect from rain and wind, at the same time providing the opportunity to spend time in the fresh air. This design allows you to equip the grill or barbecue for cooking. Missing walls, as in the first version, can be supplemented with wrought products and flowers;
  3. TOирпичная беседка closed типа. Предполагает возможность использования круглый год. Для таких сооружений характерна дополнительная теплоизоляция, остекление и проведение отопления, поэтому финансовые expenses на строительство увеличиваются в разы.

Before starting construction work, you should decide on type arbors, its optimal location and make a detailed drawing of the future design. The finished project must answer all questions regarding the form, type and dimensions of the gazebo, the expected load and the corresponding foundation, the presence of the furnace and additional communications, as well as the calculation of the necessary materials and the cost of their purchase.

Brick gazebo construction technology

Arbors from a brickConstruction of a brick arbor begins with fillings foundation. In principle, for this kind of construction, any type of foundation can be used, with the exception of the columnar one, which is able to withstand only light walls (for example, the characteristic open-air gazebos). But, the most often used strip foundation, which is quite can withstand heavy structures and is relatively simple in installation. Thus, the construction of a brick arbor can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Foundation casting. To do this, you need to dig a hole, the size corresponding to the dimensions of the future construction and a depth of about 1 m. Then organize a formwork of boards (plywood). The bottom of the formed moat is covered with gravel, the layer thickness of which is about 15 cm. A waterproofing material is laid on the leveled and tamped surface and concrete solution is poured to a level that is approximately 25-30 cm higher than the ground surface. gazebo corners, filled concrete metal pipes are inserted that serve as supports for the roof and increase the stability of the whole structure. Their even vertical position must be checked with a level. After 7–10 days, you can start laying bricks.
  2. Erection of brick walls. A variety of building materials allows you to create brick arbors of exceptional beauty, so when choosing, you should rely on your own taste. The only thing that should be considered is the certification of products and the installation of a stove or barbecue, the use of refractory bricks inside the furnace. Arbors of the open type allow laying in half-brick, in all other cases the laying is done in one brick. At first, a brick is laid around the embedded metal pipes, thus forming durable colons. Then, if there is an oven in the plan, they start laying it. The first row of bricks of the side walls should be laid in such a way that holes for the genital lags, located 50 cm from each other, remain. Do not forget about the door and window openings.
  3. Roof mounting. Lightweight material should be chosen as the roof, and in the case of a kitchen area, it is also fireproof. Quite often for such purposes use decking or shingles. The shape of the roof depends solely on the plan and type of construction, the main thing is that it has pitched nature in order to avoid the formation of additional loads due to the accumulation of precipitation in the form of snow and rain. In the presence of a stove, leave room for the chimney, and in case of a gazebo, provide appropriate insulation, steam and waterproofing all year round;
  4. Floor laying. The gaps in the brick walls are necessary for the installation of a log, on which a wooden floor is laid.

At this construction of a brick arbor is almost completed. Perfection will be given to her, of course, with a decent interior and exterior design, the possible variants of which will be discussed later.

External and internal design of the arbor

Arbors from a brickDressing беседки — это один из самых приятных моментов, так как результат кропотливой работы уже налицо и последние штрихи стремительно приближают данное архитектурное construction к логичному завершению. Очень красиво смотрится кирпичная беседка с использованием кованых элементов в виде оград или продолжения стены в открытых и полуоткрытых беседках.

Vegetation of particular importance is winding flowers and low-growing shrubs. Therefore, planning the outdoor environment gazebos should also be thought out in advance. Wild grapes, climbing roses, wisteria and clematis look very good. For a harmonious appearance, some plants should provide additional supports. Next to the gazebo, it is nice to build a small alpine hill with bright carpet-type plants. And the presence of a lawn and paved path leading from the house to the gazebo will create a complete picture.

TO the inner design should be approached equally responsibly and, if possible, use the garden furniture, textiles and decorative elements provided by the modern market. It looks good painted on the walls, wicker chairs, sofas and tables, as well as small street lanterns. The only and main recommendation in this matter is to have a good and joyful mood, because where, like in the gazebo, people close to you will gather and spend time for pleasant communication.

Finally it should be noted that although construction brick gazebos and incomparably in complexity with the construction of the house, yet certain skills have to be necessary, especially with regard to the arrangement of the furnace, chimney and glazing construction. Therefore, you should not save on your safety, but provide those types of work that you are unfamiliar with, masters of their craft.