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A selection of 40 best ideas for computer desks

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  • Types of computer desk for the home
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    • Shelving tables
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  • How to choose a quality table?
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  • Computer tables to order
  • DIY assembly rules

How much time we spend sitting at the computer! Competently selected computer desk will perfectly fit into the interior and make the time spent in front of the monitor productive and enjoyable. When choosing it, you should pay attention not only to aesthetic qualities, but also to functionality. The variety of models and design options is so wide that it allows everyone to choose the appropriate option, taking into account all wishes and requirements, as well as make the table a highlight of the room design. 

Types of computer desk for the home

Computer tables differ in the form and the presence of additional elements in the form of shelves, racks, boxes.

Classic table

This is the most common type of computer desk, which can be found both in homes and in offices. It is a furniture devoid of stylistic delights, with a sliding shelf for the keyboard and a compartment for the system unit. The undeniable advantages of the classical model are versatility and convenience.

Такой компьютерный стол отлично справляется со своими функциями, делая комфортным времяпровождение за ним. Его отделка обычно стилизована под дерево, хотя на сегодняшний день возможны разнообразные вариации. Classic table органично впишется в любой интерьер помещения.

Corner table

This view is suitable for small rooms in which it is desirable to save space. Occupying little space, the design of the table allows you to place on it all the necessary things: folders, electronic media, books. Choosing a corner table, you can not only competently plan the placement of furniture, but also make an unnoticeable earlier angle attractive and useful.

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Semicircular table

Most people belong to the semi-circular computer tables with a certain amount of alertness. And absolutely unfair! After all, they are not inferior in functionality to the other models. But the room, in which there is a semicircular table, a priori can not look trivial.

If you do not want your workplace to look trite, then it is worth moving away from rectangular patterns and carefully look at the semicircular tables. Maybe it's time for a change?


Modular table

Fans of self-organizing their space will surely enjoy the concept of a modular computer desk. Its peculiarity is that additional elements can be arranged in any order, adding or subtracting them of their own accord. You do not need to have special technical skills, as the process is simple and easy, and the final result will please its creator with practicality and versatility.

The assembly of the table turns into a kind of furniture mosaic, the design of which depends only on the imagination and needs of its owner.

Table transformer

This option will be a real find for those whose choice of furniture is limited to square meters. Its design helps transform individual parts or hide them after completion. Several movements - and a small table easily turns into a full-fledged work surface. There are models that combine the working surface of the table and cabinets for things. With the possibility of transformation, the table loses nothing in its visual appeal. And some models are real hi-tech masterpieces. Also, a transforming table will surely be appreciated by lovers of minimalism. Check out other unexpected and interesting finds in the interior design.

Tables with shelves and drawers

This type of computer tables is designed so that additional elements look harmonious continuation of the table body. Variants of their combinations are numerous, which makes it possible to place all the necessary items, while maintaining the external attractiveness of the furniture.

The boxes allow you to keep records and documents carefully, and on the shelf you will certainly find a place for a stylish accessory or frame with a memorable photo.

Table with superstructure and lockers

This model has all the advantages of the above. Only in it there are a variety of add-ons and cabinets. Design can be both canonical and fantasy, with a variety of shapes and curves.

Leaving upwards, under the ceiling, additional constructions will provide a lot of free space. What to do with it is only up to the owners of such a computer table.

Shelving tables

The rack is usually located perpendicular to the surface of the table, which must be considered when planning the arrangement of furniture: the rack should not block light sources.

The rack itself is a very comfortable furniture that allows you to place a large number of necessary items, taking up a minimum of space. And his tandem with a computer desk is a practical and convenient solution in the fight for free space. The rack is usually located perpendicular to the surface of the table, which must be considered when planning the arrangement of furniture: the rack should not block light sources. 

Computer tables for school students

The functions and design of such a table are designed to meet all the numerous interests of the student. It should be suitable for storing a large number of textbooks, notebooks and other office materials; as well as to perform written work. There is a place and computer games, or cute toy, crouched on the edge of the shelf. Do not forget to see the numerous design options for children's rooms!

We should not forget about the attractive appearance - the child must have a desire to spend time here.

The table in mourning tones is able to scare away any desire to sit down for lessons.

Its size is chosen taking into account the height of the child so that he does not have any health problems.

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The advantages and disadvantages of computer desks

Making the choice of a computer table, carefully study all the nuances. No matter how comfortable and beautiful the model is, it is worth considering from all sides. 

Advantages of a computer table:

  • it is designed to keep your eyes at a safe distance from the monitor;
  • its design takes into account the best position of the user to maintain posture;
  • its modifications allow you to store nearby all the items necessary for working at the computer;
  • as a rule, it has special openings for cables, a shelf for a keyboard and a compartment for a system unit;
  • his models allow you to save a lot of free space.


  • in some models, the compartment for the system unit is a dull box devoid of ventilation, which can adversely affect the stability of the computer;
  • if there are several computer users and they are of different height, then some may have problems.


The main materials used in the manufacture of tables:

  • Chipboard and MTF с отделкой из шпона или пластика;
  • tree;
  • glass.
Comparison table of materials for computer desk
Chipboard and MTFAccessibility, variety of designLow moisture and heat resistance, tendency to mechanical damage, peeling of the finishing layer
TreeEcological purity, presentable appearanceHigh price
GlassEcological purity, stylish appearanceHigh cost, tendency to mechanical damage, the appearance of fingerprints and stains, any contamination is clearly visible

Самым универсальным материалом является ДСП. Несмотря на перечень недостатков, при правильной эксплуатации проблем с  мебелью из ДСП не возникнет. Tree и стекло – материалы для тех, кто хочет видеть компьютерный стол не только рабочим местом, но и украшением интерьера.

Design of computer tables

How to choose a quality table?

In order for the computer desk to be a reliable assistant and to please the eye for many years, it is necessary to approach its choice with great responsibility. Do not forget that for each table provides technical documentation and warranty period.


Everyone who is worried about their health should know: the wrong dimensions of the computer desk are harmful to eyesight and posture. Therefore, to select it, it is recommended to remember a couple of numbers:

  • working surface depth: not less than 80 cm;
  • its height from the floor is about 70-80 cm.

The length of the table top is limited only by the needs of the buyer. If you need to perform written work, you should take the table more.

“In crampedness, but not mad” - this popular wisdom loses its relevance when choosing a computer table.

Do not forget about the need for placement of wires, speakers, printer and other necessary items.

Suitable design

Before buying it would be useful to make a list of what I would like to place on the computer desk and additional elements. By grouping the list items and a simple analysis, you can get an idea of ​​what should be included in the design. It is very important to provide any little things.

Having made an image of purchase, it will be easier to decide. Consider the interior and area. Perhaps you will suit a massive wooden table. And if the area of ​​the room is small - a transforming table made of chipboard will be able to solve many issues of space organization.


The choice of manufacturer depends only on the financial capabilities of the buyer. Today, the furniture market has a large assortment from foreign and domestic factories. And if you are not satisfied with the boundaries of these proposals, there is always the opportunity to order a computer desk to order according to individual sketches and drawings.

Computer tables to order

Many companies and craftsmen offer their services in the manufacture of computer tables, taking into account all the wishes of the client. Experts will help anyone choose the right size and design of the table.

Find an organization specializing in the manufacture of furniture for individual orders is not difficult. But it is worth considering that in this case the price will be higher than when buying a table in a store. The cheapest option will cost from 10 000 rubles. 

DIY assembly rules

In order to assemble a computer desk, small skills and auxiliary tools are enough. And the availability of detailed instructions, of course. This task will cope any average man, and even some women.