High pressure water pumps

Water pumpWater is considered a source of life. But, alas, there is not central water supply in every private sector or holiday village. And even if it does exist, it’s not a fact that there will be no pressure problems in the summer. After all, it is during the hot period that water consumption increases several times. Having a water pump will help solve this problem.

A water pump is a device that provide you with water with good pressure. Also, the popularity of this equipment can be explained by such factors:

  1. Variety of models and types.
  2. Low price.
  3. Easy to operate.

If you use a water pump for watering a garden or vegetable garden, you can save a lot of personal time and strength. Especially because you can install this pump without help. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions.


  • 1 Types of lifting pumps
    • 1.1 Swirl pumps
    • 1.2 Vibrating pump
    • 1.3 Centrifugal pump
    • 1.4 Drainage and circulation pumps
  • 2 Cost
  • 3 Manufacturers
  • 4 How to choose a high pressure pump?

Types of lifting pumps

Vortex pumpThe classification of domestic high pressure pumps depends on the conditions and operational tasks, and also on the way vacuum is created. The principle of operation is the same for all water pumps. In the process, the device creates a vacuum inside, then the liquid flows from the reservoir into the vacuum chamber and is pushed out under pressure.

Swirl Pumps

The vacuum in the vortex pump is created rotating a flat disk on which the vortex vanes are radially located. This disk is also called the vortex wheel. During rotation, water enters the body cavity, and is expelled to the outside by rotating the blades. The main advantages of such pumps are the ability to suck well and the fact that they are not afraid of air bubbles. However, these devices sensitive to suspended particles. And this creates certain difficulties if you have to pump dirty water.

Vibrating pump

The main part of the vibration pump is an electromagnet. The principle of work here is quite simple. After the winding is fed AC voltage, The magnet draws anchor when the polarity changes, the anchor comes back. In a second, the anchor and the associated piston change their position about a hundred times. Vibrations occur due to vibration, which throws excess water through the valve into the discharge port. Such a pump is attractive because no motor and rotating elements.

Centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pump бывает:

  • surface;
  • submersible;
  • with a horizontally placed working shaft;
  • vertically placed working shaft.

Centrifugal pumpThe blades of the pump impeller affect the water, from which labor arises. This creates a movement of water and a certain pressure.

The most unpretentious and cheap is a hand pump for wells. It is ideal for places in which there is no electricity and there is no need for a large amount of water. This device is driven by a summer resident effort. Most models lack idle. Such pumps are wing and piston. Piston more common. They deliver water from a depth of 20 meters and in one cycle they pump out 500−2000 ml of water. Wing more compact, but they pump out no more 1500 ml from a similar depth.

High pressure water pumps are used when existing pressure no water pressure needed.

Drainage and circulation pumps

Circulation pumpsAll of the above pumps are water-lifting. But only they are often not enough. For the heating system will need a circulation pump, and for sewage - drainage. Circulation pumps needed for forced circulation water through the autonomous heating system. They work quietly enough and consume some electricity.

Drainage pumps pump out water after a rain or a high water, and also use for sewage treatment. In order to pump out water from the cesspool, different drainage pumps are used. In the presence of almost pure water, you can use an inexpensive pump, parts of which are made of plastic. For heavily dirty water, it is necessary to use pumps that are made of materials. corrosion resistant.

Drainage pumps usually equipped with a float which controls a certain level of water. The fecal water pump is used in specific conditions, so it has certain differences.

  • The materials that are used to manufacture these pumps have elevated operational and technical characteristics, resistant to corrosion and chemical reactions;
  • most models have shredders - a device that crushes large particles, which minimizes the occurrence of problems when draining runoff water.

Cost of

Prices for high pressure pumps depend on:

  • manufacturer;
  • water pressure;
  • bandwidth.

Pumpkin MarinaCost fluctuates from 60 to 300 dollars. It must be remembered that in different outlets there may be different margins. So in different stores the prices for the same pump may vary. Another price may rise due to availability of mechanisms that automate the work. Also reflected in the price level of electrical protection.

Of course, the price depends on the material from which the body is made. The most expensive are the pumps. from stainless steel. Cast iron and aluminum - a bit cheaper.

The cost of high-pressure water pumps is also greatly influenced by the brand. Manufacturers with a well-known name often raise prices well. As their name is a guarantee of high quality.

Manufacturing companies

Pump GrundfosMost famous company in this market, you can rightly be considered Grundfos. This Danish company was founded in 1945. In the year this manufacturer produces about 16 million pumping units. In many countries of the world there are production facilities of this company. The narrow specialization of Grundfos makes it possible to direct all attention and effort to product quality.

Such a company as Cat Pumps is not much inferior in popularity. She is famous its high quality and reliability. Pumps of this manufacturer can be used in almost any environment. Cat Pumps is one of the leading manufacturers of water pumps. The company gained its fame thanks to long service life pumps. This company uses a three-plunger design, which at the lowest pulsation gives the highest possible pressure.

The synchronized operation of the three pistons is a design feature of Cat Pumps high pressure pumps that helps to ensure constant and smooth flow. This solution allows you to remove up to 90% main ripple flow.

Water pumps Karcher are indispensable in everyday life. They are also widely used in water supply systems, sewage treatment plants, washing installations, in various industrial sectors.

Small-sized, low-noise units with high levels universality and reliability occupy a special place in the Russian market. They are popular in most areas. For example:

  • production activities;
  • own country house;
  • car wash;
  • farming;
  • Agriculture;
  • industry.

Advantages of pumps of this brand:

  • compactness;
  • little weight;
  • low operating costs;
  • profitability;
  • power.

Another company well proven Wilo itself. This company has been around for about a hundred years, but it has been working in this format since 2002.

This is due to the merger of the two companies. This manufacturer from Germany is famous for its goods. High Quality. Wilo has factories around the world, recently even opened production in South Korea.

Thanks to the use of new technologies and systematic work for the future, this brand is better and better at mastering the pumping equipment market.

Chinese products do not cause consumer confidence. But, nevertheless, there is a Chinese company Sprut, which produces quality products. This company has been manufacturing high-quality high-pressure water pumps for many years. They are used in offices, apartments and private homes.

Low price is not at all an indicator of the level of goods. These pumps are quite popular.

How to choose a high pressure pump?

To choose the right pump you need to know performance and head. The calculation of these indicators should be entrusted to specialists. The bulk of firms operating in this industry take similar calculations on themselves, while not demanding a fee for the service.

To buy a high pressure water pump is not at all difficult. This product is full in various appliance stores, in the markets of building materials and online stores. But still, such a purchase is better to make in the corporate salon. There, the choice is wider, and consultation from a specialist can be obtained, and warranty service is available, but it is now very relevant. Especially for those who are going to buy an expensive model.