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"Musical series" presented by florists Roman Zarubin and Natasha Sudareva

Passing the gallery

A photo: Boris Bendikov

Magazine: Na (taq) 2003

Old gramophone records, black-and-white photographs and the fashion of past years ... Retro is the most mysterious and non-specific of all styles. And ... the richest in all kinds of associations. Probably, therefore, year after year, fashion designers, designers and even florists take inspiration from it ... "Retro music is an opportunity to realize a black and white theme and at the same time one of the ways of applying fresh floral techniques," says Roman Zarubin, winner of the All-Russian Florist Competition 2002 and the author of the idea of ​​the “musical series", which he presented together with florist and decorator Natasha Sudareva. - All of the works are based on the record. It defines a set of techniques: material modification, the formation of unusual structures, color design. These newest developments allow us to create an image that is our vision of that era "Timeless [1] Cozy brown shades, a phonograph and a diva’s voice that glittered half a century ago ... The aroma of chocolate retro is as soft as a record from a fluffy willow, and as soulful as songs of those years.Sounds of music [2] In the 20s, no one suspected high technologies, but cream curtains, gramophones and foxtrot were in fashion. Nothing has changed in the country of our memories: a plate is still spinning against the background of cream curtains, and the real sounds of music fly out of the gramophone pipe ...At the tip of the needle [3] Black gives way to white, and cold metal is replaced by flowers and leaves. Without a needle, as you know, do not extract music. If you do not succeed, use it as an original bouquet ...On the verge of calling [4] What can be more convincing than red? Only its shades. The perfect complement to the red plate is flaming scarlet lips and an envelope of petals of burgundy roses.Jukebox [5] Vinyl gloss, play of reflections and clarity of structures. Everything is subject to the dictates of black. In the world of the golden 50s, even flowers turn into machine parts.Red and black [6] The classic duo, red and black, is, as always, frank and significant. Against the backdrop of strict graphics of black circles, red seems to be a provocation, and the quivering white - only a game of innocence ...