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Garden vacuum cleaner model Bosch ALS 25Not always a rake can help to quickly and easily remove leaves that have accumulated on the backyard territory. If the area of ​​the site is large enough and there are a lot of hard-to-reach places, then this task becomes even more complicated. But you still have to solve this problem. After all, if you leave the garbage in its place, it will be an excellent refuge for the larvae of pests and bacteria, which in spring and summer will bring a lot of trouble to the gardener. Therefore, if you buy a garden vacuum cleaner, you can avoid all these troubles. Next will be considered the most popular models and their capabilities.


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What is a garden vacuum blower?

Vacuum cleaner garden electric model IKRA mogatec KLS 2000If you look into the extension where gardeners keep gardening equipment, then you can often find a device like a blower there. She stands there for a reason, because This versatile unit makes work easierassociated with garbage collection. Today, there are many models that can be used at any time of the year, effectively coping not only with foliage and branches, but also with snow. It should be understood that the garden vacuum cleaner and blower are not the same thing.

  • The first can only work in two modes: the absorption and shredding of garbage, which subsequently enters the garbage can.
  • As for the blower, in the process This unit provides powerful adjustable air flow., thanks to which it is possible with little effort to collect garbage in one place.

Given the opportunity that each of the options presented, the summer resident is best to buy just an electric vacuum blower. After all, it is a more functional device, which significantly simplifies the work on the site.

  • If you have been idle for a long time with an engine and a compressor from an old vacuum cleaner, then you can find useful applications for them if you make a garden vacuum cleaner out of them.
  • In addition to the above components, you will need a pipe so that you can collect leaves of a larger diameter, thereby debris will be easier to enter the garbage.
  • Creating a homemade electric vacuum cleaner, you can add to it a full-fledged container, rather than the usual bag for collecting dust, which store models are equipped with. In front of him can install chopperwhich can be made from knives. However, this is not necessary, but if you want to make the vacuum cleaner more functional, you can implement this idea.

The process of making an electric or gasoline garden vacuum cleaner with your own hands is nothing complicated. The technology of its creation does not require making any changes to the composite components or performing assembly work. It makes sense to go to such a step only if you have a standard vacuum cleaner that you have to do without work. If you still decide to make such a unit, during operation, do not forget about the engine mode. In household vacuum cleaners power units are used, which can not work for a long time without interruption.

Features of choice and types

Garden electric vacuum cleaner Vitals QT6234Quite often, when the summer resident realized the need for an electric garden vacuum cleaner at the site, he had doubts about what type of food to choose. In recent years, more and more gardeners and gardeners choose battery units. Such models have only one drawback - heavy weight due to the battery used in them.

You also need to consider that these vacuum cleaners are much more expensive compared to similar devices. The important point is that such a device can work no more than 6 hours. That is just enough battery power, after which you will have to recharge. Due to the fact that during operation there is no big noise, it is quite convenient to use such a vacuum cleaner.

Gasoline vacuum cleaners will be of interest primarily to owners of large areas. But, possessing great power, such devices make a lot of noiseand they also need constant maintenance. Those gardeners who own a small piece of land are advised to choose an electric or petrol garden vacuum blower. Working with this unit is quite simple, however, you need to immediately prepare yourself for the need to carry the wire with you all the time. To the purchased device did not disappoint you, choose it, taking into account the area that you plan to process.

Also, when choosing a garden vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to such characteristics as dimensions.

Wheel model

Billy Goat Caiman Craft Vacuum CleanerThese models are chosen for garbage collection in industrial environments. Usually in the construction of such units there is a gasoline engineplaced on the wheelbase. At the same time, only the front axle is pivotal. Due to the high cost and difficulty in servicing, a wheeled petrol garden vacuum cleaner is not an appropriate option for summer residents.

The main element of the design of the garden vacuum cleaner is a powerful gasoline engine, thanks to which the device perfectly sucks in the garbage, while here there is a mode of operation for blowing. After suction, the leaves are sent to the chopper, and then go to a four-liter garbage bin. An adjustable front handle is provided in the gasoline vacuum cleaner that the operator can customize as he wishes.

With a weight of 7.5 kg, the device is equipped with a gasoline engine of 30 cubic meters. see. These characteristics allow you to create air flow at a speed of 65.3 m / s. Like the device copes with the task of collecting garbage from a plot of medium size. For the manufacture of components used high-quality durable materials, so that the gasoline unit can be used even in conditions of precipitation and heavy loads.

Garden vacuum cleaner Worx WG501E

Electric Worx WG501E vacuum cleanerThis model will be of interest primarily to owners of small-sized dacha. The considered vacuum cleaner blower is allocated with small weight which makes 5.5 kg and has the power of 3 kW. The main working unit is an electric motor. With such characteristics, the model perfectly collects garbage from the territory of medium size. And, although it does not differ in large dimensions, its functionality is more than worthy. In addition to grinding and garbage collection, this unit is able to clean itself.

In many ways, these qualities have become the main reason for the popularity of this model among summer residents. Electric vacuum blower can be used to remove debris from hard-to-reach places, which is made possible by using a special nozzle. From the minuses it is necessary to select only that use it will not be very convenient due to heavy weightthat women and adolescents will first feel. This model is offered at an affordable price - 8 000 p., Which is adequate in view of the characteristics of this unit.

For most gardeners, ergonomics and usability are an important parameter. At the same time, most agree that cheap equipment from China is not a good solution. If we talk about the experience of using units of domestic production, it can be noted that the level of performance of these vacuum cleaners of blowers is at a high enough level, while they look preferable against the European counterparts due to lower prices.

Given that now many models of equipment for the garden are on sale, it is difficult to say which model is the best. There are many parameters that are key when choosing a vacuum cleaner: performance, ergonomics, usability. Therefore, to choose the best option, you need to proceed from your own needs.