Rooms humbert & poyet: fourth hoxton hotel

Дуэт Humbert & Poyet, Кристоф Пойе и Эмиль Юмбер порадовали парижан и гостей столицы. В районе Сантье, парижском Сохо, где открываются дизайнерские шоу-румы и царит торговля декором, создан самый крупный после Лондона и Амстердама из отелей сети Hoxton.

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A hotel that never sleeps, where tourists, as neighbors, can enjoy a dynamic environment (for an hour, half a day or night). A place where randomness is welcomed — the concept of Hoxton is a true art that is dear to its creator, Sharan Pasic, a young British businessman. Paris hotel occupied a mansion of the XVIII century with two courtyards. The building was designed by architect Nicolas d’Orbe for Étienne Rivier, adviser to Louis XV. Four years were preparing for the opening: they restored the original stairs, columns, and wooden ceiling beams.

There are 172 rooms of different sizes on five floors: Shoebox (“shoebox”, the most compact), Cozy (standard), Roomy (spacious) and Biggy (largest). The rooms on the lower floor boast high ceilings and hydromassage baths. At the top - a picturesque view of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame. The interior design was conceived as a tribute to French craftsmanship: it is in the details, textured moldings, oak floors, wooden panels. Furniture - from the most beloved designers of France, including the modernists Jean Prouvé and Mathieu Matego. Metal mesh partitions and Lampe Gras lamps - hello to the 1950s Paris.

Soho House (global empire of private clubs, restaurants, spas, etc.) was responsible for public spaces. Its design team worked under the watchful eye of Ennismore Creative Studio - Hoxton's “parent”. The main decoration of the lobby and bar is two three-hundred-year spiral staircases. Restaurant Rivié, named after the former owner of the building, is designed in the spirit of traditional French brasseries. There are small marble tables, sofas in leather upholstery and spectacular lamps. The menu - dishes of new French cuisine. Jacque’s cocktail bar with its rich colors and rich greenery is decorated with antique mosaics and restored parquet.

The Hoxton, 30-32 Rue du Sentier, 75002, Париж