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Who creates trends, why the demand for outdoor furniture is growing and what kind of relationship they have with the Gervasini family - designer Paola Navone told about this in an exclusive interview with INTERIOR.RU.

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“I design for many companies, but Gervasoni is in a special position: here I was entrusted with the post of art director. We have been together for so many years! Our cooperation began when these guys came to the factory - Giovanni and Michele. Before the company was headed by their father, and then sons wanted to work. They immediately asked me to do a project for them - and I did. That was 21 years ago. Today's design, of course, is different from what it was then. There were new forms and materials, for example, then Gervasoni did not produce furniture with soft filler and textile upholstery, and now - please. There is a widespread evolution, life does not stand still, along with it develops design.

People often ask me if I'm following current trends. I don't need it: I create trends myself.

Items from the line of street furniture Inout, Gervasoni.

Today, almost every self-respecting company has a line of outdoor furniture. And these are not just forged tables and teak benches, but rather interesting things. I may have been the first designer to take up this segment seriously, and Gervasoni was the pioneer among the factories. Why is outdoor direction so popular? Because there is a market demand. This is a good opportunity for companies to expand the offer. So you can buy from them beautiful tables and sofas not only for the living room, but also for the garden and the terrace. Or such furniture that is suitable for both home and street. Companies do not miss the opportunity to expand the range. But do not think that the market is shaping trends. Trend is something new, and the market lives on the mainstream, it needs something that sells well, that is, a familiar and understandable one. From the market do not have to wait for future guidance. Trends are formed in the heads of designers. Well, and those people who work in the departments of development and promotion (there are such units in companies).

Items from the line of street furniture Inout, Gervasoni. Items from the line of street furniture Inout, Gervasoni. Items from the line of street furniture Inout, Gervasoni.

Every summer, now for forty years, I go to Greece, always in the same place, on the island of Serifos. There are fantastic landscapes of the Aegean Sea. The house is simple, white, the furniture is almost all my design. There are also houses in Milan and in Paris.

It is said that ethnic motives are felt in my things. Surely it is, but I travel all the time, watching. However, this does not mean that I have a special love for ethnics. Yes, I love everything! There are so many different stylistic trends, the world is so diverse - I like everything! Similarly, in clothes: a lot of things attract me. Although, perhaps, there is one priority - the Japanese style.

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I have a big team, more than a hundred people. All as one very nice people. They come to get a job, try, try. If we understand that we are close to each other, then they remain, if not - they leave. The rest are developing with us. Our team is similar to a club of interests. When new ones appear, they join the club and follow its rules. We have no division by brand, when one works for Gervasoni, and the other, say for Baxter. There are two main divisions: a group that works on subject design and those who make architecture. Architectural projects begin and end, and design for Baxter or Gervasoni is a more permanent, long-playing story, the collaboration lasts for years and even decades.

Items from the line of street furniture Inout, Gervasoni.

Giovanni Gervasoni (Giovanni Gervsoni): «Gervasoni, а также другой наш бренд Letti & Co и Very Wood выпускают только вещи дизайна Паолы Навоне. Это принципиально: если хочешь чтобы рынок тебя признал, необходим четкий, последовательный месседж. Наше сотрудничество с Паолой в высшей степени успешно, мы хотим продолжать его и дальше, доверяем ей на сто процентов. Да, это один и тот же дизайнер, но она невероятно умна и талантлива! Готова к самосовершенствованию, способна обновляться. Ее мозг каждый год выдает новые идеи и образы. Паола не молода и это плюс: опыт наделяет ее даром предвидения. Это уникальный дизайнер. Результат — наша мебель узнаваема, к чему мы и стремились. Впрочем, у нас есть третий бренд, он называется Very Wood и поставляет мебель для контрактного сектора, гостиниц и ресторанов. И вот в его рамках мы решили представлять не один стиль, а разнообразные направления. Для чего привлекаем десятки дизайнеров»