Pad 2017: pink jade, brass and stainless steel

Paris gallery owner Beatrice Saint-Laurent introduces the public to interior objects, flaunting spectacular materials and fine finishes.

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It is no coincidence that furniture for her is often made by sought-after and successful jewelers. At the Paris salon of collection of design and art PAD, she showed an exquisite collection of brass and pink jade Jin Shi tables and lamps: things with delicate silhouettes and a gentle glow of natural stone.

Console call JinShi, diz. Studio MVW, pink jade, brass. Circulation 8 + 4. Galerie BSL. Price 16 thousand euros. Wall lamp, call. JinShi, pink jade, brass, diz. Studio MVW. Circulation 8 + 4. Galerie BSL. The price is 10 thousand euros. Table call JinShi, pink jade, brass, stainless steel, diz. Studio MVW. Circulation 8 + 4. Galerie BSL. Price 29 thousand euros.

The authors, MVW's Shanghai bureau (Chinese, designer Xu Ming, and French, architect Virginie Moryet) know that their competitive advantage is a mix of western and oriental taste, so each item in each collection looks like a model of Far Eastern minimalism, or the quintessence of French purism. Upon closer inspection, you can see how perfectly all the joints and edges are handled. Pink jade is expensive, but the designers came up with a decent frame for it. Prices for most items: from 10 to 20 thousand euros. Only on a large table - 29 thousand euros.

Designer Xu Ming and architect Virginie Moryet (Studio MVW) are closely monitoring the quality of each item.