Fateeva design: a small apartment for a student

Kiev studio Fateeva Design and designer Elena Fateeva turned 17.3 square meters. meters in a comfortable student apartment, where it is convenient to relax and learn. On the small square there are all the basic functions - there is a small kitchen, a study, a bedroom, a bathroom and an entrance area with a dressing room.

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The kitchen unit is equipped with everything you need, including a Bosch oven, a stainless steel sink, a Smeg dishwasher and a hob. At the bottom of the sliding table - enough storage space.

Comfortable drawers and cabinets are created around the bed (in the headboard and at the base), the study table serves as a continuation of the kitchen unit.

Узкая ванная комната, расположена за дверью на кухне. Сантехника в ванной: Villeroy & Boch, Hansgrohe.

A large mirror in the hallway expands the space, and a black and white graphic solution helps to perceive the interior as a whole.